Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft, Steel Wave, Melusi, Ace

Ubisoft has given us a closer look at the next chapter of Rainbow Six Siege with the game’s newest update, Operation Steel Wave. The publisher first teased an announcement earlier this week, eventually leading up to today’s cinematic trailer. In the trailer below, you can find your first glimpse at the game’s latest operator additions: Håvard “Ace” Haugland and Thandiwe “Melusi” Ndlovu.

Besides showing off Rainbow Six Siege’s two newest badasses in cinematic fashion, the trailer really only sets the mood for the impending content drop. We know that Ace is an attacker from Norway and Melusi is a defender from South Africa, but there’s not much else in the trailer.

However, the Rainbow Six Siege website tucks away more hints via a text-based character introduction that is “written” by operator Kapkan. Ace is described as a paramedic with “a calm – if arrogant – confidence in even the most stressful situations.” Aside from revealing that the Norway EMT is somewhat of a social media star, the post hints that he’ll focus on rushing and making “an entrance through almost any barrier.” On the other side of things is Melusi, an anti-poaching, surveillance-driven drone user that is hard to catch off guard.

More specific information will likely be shared in the near future, as many expect Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave to launch in early June.

Rainbow Six Siege exchanged hands and received new leadership last December at Ubisoft. Since then, Operation Void Edge released as the game’s first season of Year 5 content.

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