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Ratatan Trailer Reveals Patapon Spiritual Successor Gameplay Ahead of Kickstarter Launch

Ratatan Trailer Reveals Patapon Spiritual Successor Gameplay Ahead of Kickstarter Launch

Developer Ratata Arts has revealed a gameplay trailer for its Patapon spiritual successor, Ratatan, showing off colorful cartoon environments and a foot-tapping look at its rhythm-based combat (via Gematsu). Fit with modern gameplay elements, new tunes, and a completely new setting, this reimagining of the classic formula aims to give players a fresh take on the formula that originally debuted on PSP. It looks like you’ll be fighting both enemy tribes and giant beasts as you keep a steady beat to lead tiny fighters into battle. However, judging by the flying steampunk ship that can be seen in some shots, Ratatan weaponry might be a bit more advanced than what Patapon players are used to.

Patapon released on PSP in 2007 as a rhythm-based strategy game that sees players take on the role of an all-powerful being that can lead an army of primitive eyeball creatures called Patapon. As players grow their legion, they learn new button sequences that can be used to order the army to attack, defend, and more. These mechanics were expanded upon in sequels, Patapon 2 and Patapon 3. The first two games went on to receive remasters for PlayStation 4, though there is still no word on if the third entry will ever receive the same treatment.

Ratatan will carry on the Patapon gameplay experience with a few changes. Here, players are the conductor of the much more musical Ratatans. These creatures sing and play unique instruments, with some able to utilize abilities that can turn the tide of battle. One example is the Keroronpa, a support trooper who can raise morale and annoy enemies with their megaphone. There’s also the Harigittan, which can defend your army with the power of their guitar. Ratata Arts also promises multiplayer functionality that allows players to charge into battle with friends, to be detailed later.

Ratatan’s updated take on the PSP classic comes from Patapon creator Hiroyuki Kotani and original Patapon musician Kemmei Adachi. Speaking with VGC during the project’s reveal earlier this month, Kotani said he is using Ratatan as an opportunity to return to the formula and look at it through a new lens.

Patapon was a really unique experience at the time of its release and reflected the development environment of that era,” Kotani said. “We wanted to make another game like that for the modern age.”

However, if the opportunity to return to the Patapon franchise came about, Kotani said he’s willing to speak with Sony to make it happen. He continued: “There’s a possibility of maybe doing a Patapon sequel in the future, but for this we really wanted to make our own game, in our own style, with specific types of gameplay that reflect what we want. After that, if there’s a chance to speak to Sony about doing a Patapon sequel then we’ll go from there.”

Ratata Arts will launch a Ratatan Kickstarter campaign on Monday, July 31, at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET. If the campaign is successful, the team will release its project on PC, with additional funding goals targeting modern console platforms. Stay tuned for any updates.

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