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Red Dead Redemption Launches for Switch and PS4 on August 17

Red Dead Redemption Switch

Back in June, the original Red Dead Redemption received a rating in Korea. This fueled rumors that a remaster may have been on the way from Rockstar Games. This turned out to be almost true: The company has revealed a port of Red Dead Redemption will launch digitally for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on August 17 for $49.99. A physical release is also coming on October 13. Double Eleven Studios will be handling the port.

Check out the official announcement trailer below from Nintendo UK. It shows the title running on Switch hardware:

Not too shabby! It looks like the Switch can properly handle PlayStation 3/Xbox 360-era titles. The events of the game immediately follow the 2018 phenomenon, Red Dead Redemption 2, which I doubt will ever come to Switch.

More information on the port can be found on its official website. The title will include the Undead Nightmare expansion, where you get to play as a zombified John Marston. Language support has been expanded to include Korean, Russian, Latin American Spanish, and more. The multiplayer has been stripped from this version.

Red Dead Redemption will be playable on the PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility. The game is already compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X in glorious 4K. No PC port was announced, sadly.

So, $49.99 for an old game that is more or less a straight port running at 30 FPS. Is it worth it?

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