Redfall gameplay revealed during Xbox & bethesda games showcase

Redfall opened this year’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase in gory fashion, showing off about five minutes of vampire-slaying first-person shooter gameplay from Arkane Austin. This is the first time we’ve seen gameplay from the studio’s vampire-infested version of Massachusetts, and the reveal is worth the wait. The game’s neck-biters take loads of shotgun blasts but quickly turn to ash if the right weapon is used.

Vampires didn’t always roam the streets in the small Massachusetts town, with this trailer’s narrator saying that the location was a peaceful spot until Redfall‘s blood-sucking enemies showed up. Arkane shared more about its new world in a short summary that you can read below:

By blocking out the sun and pushing the ocean back from Redfall’s shores, these new vampire overlords have completely cut the island off from the outside world and any hope of rescue. That’s where you come in. You’ll pick from a roster of four diverse heroes and either go solo or team up with up to three other players to round out your squad. Armed with a wide array of customizable gear, specialized weaponry and unique character abilities, ranging from the scientific to the mystical, you’ll take on the bloodthirsty threat and take back Redfall.

See how you’ll be tearing vampires apart in the Redfall gameplay reveal trailer below.

Redfall was revealed at E3 last year as one of Microsoft’s newest IP, and it’s coming to Xbox consoles, PC, Cloud, and Xbox Game Pass. It was originally slated to arrive in summer 2022 but was delayed to 2023 just last month. Stay tuned for more on Redfall.

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