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Rumor: Resident Evil Announcement Coming on June 10

Resident Evil 8 announcement Capcom

An announcement for the Resident Evil series is allegedly coming on June 10 according to Twitter user Kula_9585, who purports to be a Resident Evil Gold Class Ambassador, which is privy to extra news and information about the series from Capcom. If true, this could potentially be the reveal of the long-rumored Resident Evil 8.

The eighth entry in the series is allegedly named Village, but with the letters stylized to resemble a roman numeral VIII. According to insider Dusk Golem, the game wasn’t originally planned to be the next mainline entry in the series and was under development as Revelations 3. The setting is alleged to be a snowy European village, featuring wolf creatures.

The antagonist is rumored to be a “witch,” and the game will allegedly bring back both RE7 protagonist Ethan Winters as well as series staple Chris Redfield. Additionally, Capcom held a test event back in March before the release of RE3 in which people were invited to check out a special unannounced title, which reportedly was Resident Evil 8.

RE3‘s official announcement debuted during a Sony State of Play event, so RE8‘s debut in a future showcase wouldn’t be surprising. However, Sony’s PlayStation 5 conference is rumored to premiere next week on June 3, a week before the supposed June 10 Resident Evil announcement. It’s also entirely possible that the game will be announced separately. However, we are currently dealing entirely in rumors upon rumors, and it’s important to remember that details can change even among accurate information.

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