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Return to Monkey Island Gets Gameplay Reveal at Nintendo Direct

Return to Monkey Island Direct

It’s been a productive morning over at Nintendo. A Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase was just uploaded to its YouTube channel. There were some surprises, like the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. Happily, there was also a gameplay look at Return to Monkey Island during the Direct.

Check out the Return to Monkey Island gameplay at the Nintendo Direct Mini below and the official trailer below that:

Look at the game in motion! It is like a storybook coming to life. And it looks like you can play as badass Elaine Marley!

Return to Monkey Island marks the return of series creator Ron Gilbert, who has not been involved in the franchise since Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. Like in previous entries in the series, players will control Guybrush Threepwood. He will solve puzzles and explore islands using the tried and true point-and-click gameplay from the ’90s.

Story-wise, it seems Guybrush is down in the dumps. He never found the Secret of Monkey Island. Younger pirates have taken over Melee Island, and people like businessman Stan are now in jail. It’s up to Guybrush to find his way out of these predicaments, utilizing context-sensitive interactions, reactive dialog trees, and an easy-to-use inventory system.

You can expect Return to Monkey Island to launch first on consoles on Nintendo Switch later this year.

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