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Rogue Squadron, Patty Jenkins Star Wars Movie, Hits Production Delay

Rogue Squadron delay Star Wars movie Patty Jenkins production release date December 2023

The film side of the Star Wars universe has suffered another setback. This time it isn’t a Star Wars movie nobody likes but instead a production delay for Rogue Squadron, directed by Patty Jenkins, which now has no start date. The delay in production has not yet affected the Rogue Squadron release date of December 22, 2023, but that very well could change later.

THR reports that the delay comes because of Jenkins’ incredibly busy schedule. After exploding into the big-budget scene with Wonder Woman, the director has become a hot commodity in Hollywood, and evidently she and Disney couldn’t make the scheduling work at the moment. Jenkins and writer Matthew Robinson had been working on the project since it was announced last year, and the plan was for preproduction to start by the end of this year with production starting sometime in 2022. However, all involved came to the conclusion that they weren’t ready yet and that the lift would not work within Jenkins’ schedule. The director has two major blockbusters in Wonder Woman 3 and a Cleopatra movie on her plate, and while Rogue Squadron was supposed to come before both of them, it seems the time allotted would not be enough.

The film is set to focus on the titular Rogue Squadron, the rebel alliance fighter group founded by Luke Skywalker. Just what the story will be about and when it takes place is under wraps, and now we’ll have to wait even longer to find out with the Rogue Squadron production delay. Whether or not we’ll see a different Star Wars movie land before Rogue Squadron now is up in the air, as there are movies from Kevin Feige and Taika Waititi in the works, among others.

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