Romancelvania Release Date Set for March 7, 2023

Metroidvanias are a great genre of video games. And dating sims are similarly fun to play. But what if you smashed the two genres together? You’d get Romancelvania. The title, which had a Kickstarter and physical editions are planned from Limited Run, sees you playing as a lovesick Dracula who wants to jump back into the dating world. Developer The Deep End Games has shared a new preview trailer for Romancelvania, along with a confirmed release date of March 7, 2023. It doesn’t coincide with Valentine’s Day, but that’s the nature of game development.

Check out the tease below:

The voice acting is quite cheesy — I love it.

While the main plot of Romancelvania revolves around Dracula joining a monster reality-dating show hosted by the Grim Reaper, it looks like there is plenty of action to be had as well. Clips show Dracula eviscerating baddies with a lawnmower, fighting an appliance-throwing Cthulhu, and dashing through a castle at lightning speed. Of course, the goal is to woo the hearts of eligible partners, with a buxom pumpkin, tall werewolf, and armless Medusa as potential lovers. A crazy mix of genres, to be sure, but it’s certainly unique. I hope The Deep End Games manages to pull off what makes each group special to its fans.

Romancelvania launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games upon its release date this March.

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