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Scavengers’ massive multiplayer experimental sandbox creation, ScavLab, is having its first community event this Saturday. ScavLab essentially allows thousands of players to participate in a variety of different mini-games and activities all at the same time. A test run was held last month and brought in 1,800 individual players, and now it’s coming back in earnest.

The first official public ScavLab event will be open to Scavengers players on May 29 at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET. Midwinter says this inaugural event will enable players to engage in a shared experience from a hub area that involves competitive sports mini-games, large-scale combat, and a live, in-game AMA with studio CEO and co-founder Josh Holmes. All you need to do to participate is access the ScavLab mode from the Scavengers lobby.

“This is an opportunity for players to get a first look at the unprecedented scale and gameplay possibilities of ScavLab,” Holmes said in a statement. “We’ll test features and gameplay ideas with up to 5,000 players in a shared environment — with the potential to host many more in future events. Our main goal is to make an experience that people want to join for the fun of it, and we’ll be trying out a lot of things with every ScavLab event as we aim to achieve that. We hope the community is willing to join us on this wild ride.”

It seems even Midwinter isn’t quite sure of what exactly ScavLab can evolve into, but it is confident in the idea’s foundation all the same.

Scavengers launched into early access last month. The free-to-play title boasts “co-opetition” third-person shooter gameplay created by a team of veteran Halo and Battlefield developers. We talked with the game’s art and UX director, Daryl Anselmo, in 2019, where he spoke on the work the studio has done to build a promising shooter experience.

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