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Skull and Bones Reemerges with Plenty of Gameplay & November 2022 Release Date

Skull and Bones Reemerges With Gameplay, November 2022 Release Date

Skull and Bones is back after a long, painful silence, and Ubisoft is celebrating by revealing loads of gameplay, details, and a release date of November 8, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Stadia, and Luna. A cinematic trailer, as well as a treasure chest full of other information, finally made its way to the public during a special reveal livestream today. It’s one of the few major updates we’ve received since the game was revealed all the way back in 2017, but it’s welcomed all the same. See the cinematic trailer below.

Skull and Bones is now poised to be a dark and gritty pirate adventure that draws inspiration from the golden age of piracy, and it can be played solo or with others. Players begin their swashbuckling journey as a survivor who winds up struggling to survive in an exotic location. Becoming a pirate is indeed about survival, with Ubisoft promising a world filled with wildlife, weather, and other people who want you dead.

You can read more about the world of Skull and Bones in a summary from Ubisoft below:

Enter the perilous paradise of Skull & Bones, as you overcome the odds and rise from an outcast to become an infamous pirate. Assemble your very own formidable fleet and use it to build your empire in a visceral world that introduces new challenges, stories and features every season. Gather resources, craft tools and weapons, build your ships and grow your infamy. From the Coasts of Africa to the tropical islands of the East Indies, establish your pirate network and build your own empire on your journey to dominate the Indian Ocean.

The open-sea adventure starts players out with little more than the clothes on their back, tasking them with growing a pirate empire by engaging in visceral and cutthroat naval combat that is bolstered by loads of weapon and ship types. Solo adventures, co-op, PvP, world events, and more will help keep you busy throughout Skull and Bones, but the publisher is also promising post-launch support “for years to come.”

After the initial reveal five years ago, a report from VGC in 2020 stated that Ubisoft had rebooted Skull and Bones internally. Development seems to have sailed into rough waters through the years as Ubisoft struggled to pin down a new vision for its pirate video game. A leadership change reported by Kotaku in late 2020 explained that the tumultuous development was far from over. Thankfully, Skull and Bones is now looking better than ever, even if it has apparently ditched the ampersand it used to use in its name.

Skull and Bones will finally wash ashore on its November release date. Let’s hope no further delays keep that from happening. You can watch the entire Skull and Bones presentation and all of its gameplay in the video below.

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