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The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project (TESRenewal) has released another development update video for its ambitious Skywind mod, which aims to essentially recreate The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim engine. The new footage serves as an overview of everything the team has been working on throughout the last year, including areas, armors, weapons, features, and more gameplay. There’s still no release date set for Skywind, but the team said that “not a day goes by without progress being made, and while there’s plenty still to do, we’re closer than ever.”

The development update video notably gives us our first solid look at Skywind’s version of Vivec City. TESRenewal “has revisited the foundational concept art of this city and worked to realize some of the original designs that were scrapped due to the technical limitations of the original Morrowind engine.” From animations to 3D modeling and all the way to level design, TESRenewal said that major strides have been made by every member of the team. Specifically, in the voice acting department, the developers are happy to share that more than 35,000 lines of dialogue have now been recorded. See how Skywind is shaping up in the video below.

Our most recent major Skywind update came from a gameplay video last year showcasing the major development milestones reached through the lens of Morrowind’s foggy environments. Before that came the fifth official development update video, which highlighted the ways TESRenewal is ensuring fans get a fleshed-out experience by the time launch rolls around.


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