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PlayStation 5 Event Confirmed for June 4 Showing Next-Gen Gameplay

Sony PlayStation 5 event digital June 4 date next-gen gameplay next generation

Sony has officially confirmed an event for the PlayStation 5 on June 4 at 1 p.m. PST / 4 p.m. EST.  This comes shortly after rumors about a PS5 event being set for June 3, but that date was not set in stone.

In an update on the PlayStation.Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan stated that the digital showcase will last for a little over an hour, featuring games that will be playable on PlayStation 5 at launch. He emphasized that studios of all sizes will be contributing to its launch lineup.

Earlier rumors claimed Sony was aware of the criticism surrounding Microsoft’s previous Xbox 20/20 event, and this PlayStation 5 event confirms that the main focus will be on next-generation gameplay.

Speaking with, Ryan noted that the lack of physical events due to the COVID-19 pandemic required Sony to pivot on how the company communicates information about PlayStation 5, learning to do so remotely. “We have to live in a world where that particular oxygen isn’t available to the industry,” said Ryan. “It’s not available to PlayStation or anybody else. We just have to come up with ways to communicate what we’re doing, and try and engender the same level of adrenaline, excitement, buzz that we get with thousands of people in an auditorium in Los Angeles. And do that somehow remotely.”

Ryan also said that this is the first of many updates in a series of PS5 updates and that more information will follow after next week’s presentation.

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