What happens when a PS3 Slim collides with a Bravia 46-inch LCD TV at 80 km/h (50 mph)? Sony’s newest Australian TV spot demonstrates the results as captured by a high-speed camera.

I’m really, really tempted to make a joke here about Sony trying to imitate what makes the Wii so popular, but I’m going to just let you fill in the blanks on that one – use your imagination.

On one hand, one could certainly make the argument that this is Sony returning to its old “artsy” advertising tricks after a spot of genuinely entertaining and informative commercials featuring Kevin Butler. On the other hand, one could also be slapped for suggesting that, because those commercials are for North America while this one is for Australia, and because as abstract and “artsy” as this commercial might be, it’s also really badass.

This particular ad is actually a commercial for an upcoming Sony Australia promotion (you’ll notice the site apparently isn’t live yet) giving away 25,000 PS3 Slims to anyone who buys a Sony Bravia LCD TV in the land of Oz. But let’s be honest – you likely don’t live in Australia, and even if you do, you’re not interested in that promotion. You just want to see a PS3 get chucked into the Bravia at 80 km/h, don’t you.

There’s a writeup of the event at Gizmag, but the relevant information is all in the video itself: A 3.2 kg PS3 being flung at the Bravia at 80 km/h (22 meters/sec) equals a force of 790.2 kg, or 774.4 joules of kinetic energy at impact.

It also messes up the Bravia something fierce.

Good job, Sony. We approve of more ads featuring wanton destruction of expensive electronic equipment. Next, how about you throw a PS3 Slim and 360 Elite at each other and see who wins?

(Thanks, hansari!)

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