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Sony Wants to Know: ‘Does Busting Make You Feel Good?’

PSVR 2 Release Date February 22, 2023 and $550 Price Revealed PSVR2 PS VR2

Sony’s newest ad for the PS VR2 really doesn’t feel safe for work, because it’s asking if “busting” makes “you feel good.”

On X, the PlayStation UK account posted a video showing the PS VR2 in action with the caption, “Does busting make you feel good? How about charting the depths of deep space? Or coming through firefights unscathed? Feel immersion like never before with these #PSVR2 games.” The video, of course, shows such PS VR games as Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord and Journey to Foundation.

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As a result of the double entendre of “busting,” “Does WHAT” is trending right now on X, with more than 185,000 posts. Most of the posts are just shocked reactions to the original post with various memes thrown in. You really should check them out for yourself. And you’ve got to give it to Sony marketing on this one, this was certainly one way to remind us all that PS VR2 exists.

The PlayStation VR2 released earlier this year and allows players to dive into an immersive virtual reality experience. At retail, the PS VR2 costs around $549.99, though, which is a pretty steep price to pay. Still, reception to the technology has been pretty positive, with most reviewers looking kindly on the product.

It is not clear at this time whether busting made those reviewers feel good or not, though.

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