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Star Trek: Prodigy Voice Cast and First-Look Images Revealed

Star Trek: Prodigy Voice Cast and First-Look Images Revealed

Time to get those tweens beaming up to Star Trek. Paramount+ and Nickelodeon released new info on their upcoming YA animated series, Star Trek: Prodigy, including the voice cast and a few new images of the series. There are a few names in the cast, which features a crew of runaway teenagers who abscond with a Federation spaceship in order to explore the galaxy. There are six young crew members who are accompanied on their trip by none other than an educational hologram of Captain Kathryn Janeway, who will be voiced by Kate Mulgrew herself.

The Star Trek: Prodigy cast is diverse, so the voice cast seems to be the same. The first crew member is Rok-Tahk, an eight-year-old Brikar girl who is unusually smart and shy but loves animals and is voiced by Rylee Alazraqui. She’s joined by a mysterious alien that we haven’t seen before named Dal, who thinks he’s the maverick of the crew and is 17 and is voiced by Brett Gray. A Medusan named Zero, voiced by Angus Imrie, is a bit weird as a non-corporeal, genderless alien creature who must wear a suit around his crewmates. Jankom Pog, played by the hilarious Jason Mantzoukas, is a 16-year-old Tellarite who may be the one that does some dodgy stuff as the team’s devil’s advocate. The last two characters are Gwyn (Ella Purnell), a 17-year-old Vau N’Akat who is an adventurer from a mining planet wanting to explore the stars, and Murf (Dee Bradley Baker), a giant, indestructible blob alien of some sort with no specified age — taking a bit of a cue from The Orville.

We don’t know too much else about the show in terms of the ongoing plot, but it will involve this ragtag crew coming together as a team and discovering exactly what Star Fleet is all about. It’s an interesting premise for a series that breaks away from focusing on the crew of a starship to instead look at the Federation from an outside, younger perspective. The animation style doesn’t look too unique, but the show could deliver some interesting concepts.

Star Trek: Prodigy is expected to premiere later this year, and while we don’t have an exact release date, at least we have the below first-look images and the voice cast set.

Star Trek: Prodigy Voice Cast and First-Look Images Revealed Star Trek: Prodigy Voice Cast and First-Look Images Revealed

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