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Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Reveals a Full-Blown Scoundrel Adventure

Star Wars Outlaws gameplay video Ubisoft Forward Massive Entertainment scoundrel adventure

The June 2023 Ubisoft Forward ended with 10 minutes of gameplay for Star Wars Outlaws from The Division developer Massive Entertainment, which will launch in 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. The game stars “cunning scoundrel” Kay Vess and her pal Nix and is set prior to Return of the Jedi, when “the criminal underworld is thriving” amid the Rebellion. The Star Wars Outlaws gameplay video focuses specifically on a stealth infiltration mission that quickly goes awry, resulting in a shootout, followed by fleeing on a speeder bike, followed by having a conversation at a skeevy locale to finish the mission (complete with dialogue choices), followed by rushing off planet on your ship and making the jump to lightspeed while fighting TIE fighters.

Aside from when you’re having that conversation, the player remains control of the action the rest of the time, and it’s pretty cool to hop in your ship and suddenly be in the atmosphere, battling TIE fighters and looking for your chance to escape. On paper, it sounds pretty promising. In practice, it’s way too early to tell if the shooting or the flying are any fun or not, as it all looks pretty rudimentary in this first look. Still, if you’ve been hankering for a genuine Star Wars adventure that involves no lightsabers, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are trying pretty hard to deliver that.

If you’re smitten with Kay Vess already, you can check out an additional video with her actor too.

For yet another major game Massive Entertainment is developing, check out the release date / gameplay trailer for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

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