I installed Assassins Creed 2 this weekend, if you want to read about how the process works on the PC.

People tend to look at stuff like this and say “This is why PC gaming is dying”, and then there will be a stupid argument over how it isn’t dying, and in fact is more awesome than ever, and inevitably someone will post that one picture like they always do.

But let’s sidestep that argument by saying PC gaming is changing. When it comes to AAA single-player games, the titles have been increasingly suffering from more bugs, more console-centric interfaces and control schemes, and more DRM hassle.

The PC MMO market is as booming as ever, and the indie scene is also thriving. (In the sense of us getting a lot of indie titles. I don’t know if they’re actually making any money.) Popcap and the other “casual” companies are big players now. So no, PC gaming isn’t “dying”, but I can see why people say so. AAA single-player games have mostly moved to consoles, and if that was where your heart was, then the platform will naturally seem barren to you.

I actually think Ubi should just stop messing around and abandon the PC if they hate and distrust the userbase this much. What’s the point in going to all the trouble of porting a game if you don’t actually want people to play it?

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