February 2023 Sony State of Play: Street Fighter 6 revealed its final three launch characters: Zangief, Cammy, and Lily.

The February 2023 Sony State of Play had some excellent Capcom representation. One of the titles the developer showed off is the upcoming Street Fighter 6, which got a gameplay trailer revealing the final three characters in the launch roster: Zangief, Cammy, and Mexican newcomer Lily. This brings the total list to 18 fighters.

Check out the Street Fighter 6 characters gameplay for Zangief, Cammy, and Lily:

Zangief returns as the professional wrestler we know and love. Techniques like the Screw Piledriver and Siberian Express return, while new moves like the counter throw Tundra Storm make their first appearance. His Level 2 Super Art Cyclone Lariat and Level 3 Super Art Bolshoi Storm Buster look extremely painful.

Cammy gets a cool English redesign for SF6. Of course, main moves Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, and Hooligan Combination are included. However, the Heavy version of each can be delayed, which results in new combos and big damage.

Finally, Lily makes her first appearance in the fighting game series. She wields a pair of war clubs and is a descendant of T. Hawk’s tribe. Some moves she employs are Condor Dive, Condor Spire, and Tomahawk Buster. There’s also Condor Wind, which adds a stock to her arsenal and powers up the aforementioned moves.

Street Fighter 6 launches on June 2, 2023, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, and it is available to preorder now.

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