Street Fighter 6 teaser trailer announcement Capcom countdown website reveal

Just last week, a strange countdown timer appeared on a Capcom website. Fans were wondering what would appear once the number hit 0. A new game in the Resident Evil series? The return of the beloved Dino Crisis? Well, that timer expired today and, lo and behold, revealed Street Fighter 6, the next entry in the flagship franchise, with a teaser trailer.

Here is the official announcement straight from the Capcom Twitter account:

Did you enjoy all 40 seconds of that teaser? It features an almost silhouetted Ryu, looking older than he did in Street Fighter V, complete with facial hair. Opposite him appears Luke, the last DLC fighter from V, whose director, Takayuki Nakayama, stated the character would be “a glimpse into the future.” Cut to the game’s logo and that’s pretty much it.

In addition to dropping the teaser trailer, Capcom has confirmed more news regarding Street Fighter 6 will be coming this summer. And that old countdown clock? It now redirects to the title’s official website.

I’m apprehensive but optimistic about the next Street Fighter game. Street Fighter V had a terrible launch and was barebones for a while. Eventually, after some years and updates, it became a wonderful fighter. Hopefully, Capcom has learned from its errors and will make sure Street Fighter 6 comes out the gate in superb condition. Meanwhile, Capcom has also announced Capcom Fighting Collection, which launches this June and includes classics like DarkstalkersPuzzle Fighter, and Red Earth.

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