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Read Article Dead by Daylight Trailer Brings the Xenomorph to the Game
An image of the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise in Dead by Daylight.
Read Article Dead by Daylight Alien Release Date & Ellen Ripley Survivor Revealed in Terrifying New Trailer
Dead by Daylight Alien Release Date & More Content Revealed in Terrifying New Trailer
Read Article Alien TV Series Set to Start Filming This Year
After several years of pre-production, the long-gestating Noah Hawley Alien FX TV series universe is finally set to film this year.
Read Article AAA Survival Horror Alien Game Reportedly Coming Holiday 2023
A AAA survival horror Alien game is currently in development, in addition to development or a pitch for an Alien: Isolation sequel.
Read Article Another New Single-Player Aliens Game Is Coming, This Time with VR Support
single-player Aliens game Survios VR PC consoles action horror UE5 Unreal Engine 5
Read Article New Alien Movie Announced with Don’t Breathe Director Fede Alvarez
Hulu new Alien movie Fede Alvarez director Ridley Scott producer 20th Century Studios Dont Breathe
Read Article Blade Runner TV Show Is in the Works, Says Ridley Scott, Plus Alien Show Update
Blade Runner TV show Ridley Scott story bible 10 hours live-action
Read Article Aliens: Fireteam Elite Is How the Star Wars Expanded Universe Should Be
video game Aliens: Fireteam Elite is the best IP / franchise lore expansion for a multimedia universe imaginable unlike Star Wars
Read Article Aliens: Fireteam Elite Is the Prometheus Sequel I Needed
cold iron studios aliens: fireteam elite is a ridley scott prometheus sequel story black goo engineers ship
Read Article Aliens Didn’t Try to Repeat Alien, It Engaged with It
James Cameron Aliens perfect sequel to Alien engaged with it, a different version of Ripley as feminist icon with gender role


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