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The Best Characters in Hogwarts Legacy

best characters in hogwarts legacy

There are a lot of reasons that attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would be pretty amazing. There are the magical beasts you’d encounter, Hogsmeade, and the wonder of the castle itself — not to mention all the fantastic magic you’d be learning. But let’s face it, the best part of the Hogwarts experience for any student lucky enough to attend Hogwarts is the eccentric cast of characters they’ll meet along the way. Not every character is fantastic, but the best characters in Hogwarts Legacy will make your year at Hogwarts memorable.

The world of Harry Potter is absolutely loaded with all types of characters, and Hogwarts Legacy is no different. Whether you’re a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or even a Slytherin (my personal choice in the game), there are plenty of minor characters that you’ll interact with in sidequests or as part of the main story. Other personalities at Hogwarts, however, are much more fleshed out and interesting, and they’re the best characters in the game.

The Five Best Characters in Hogwarts Legacy

Professor Abraham Ronen

best characters in hogwarts legacy

Professor Ronen is basically everyone’s idea of the cool teacher. He is the Charms Master at Hogwarts, bringing a lot of energy to his classes. Ronen invests a lot into his relationships with his students, and the former Slytherin is known for his banter with his classes and his ability to keep students engaged. A massive fan of games, Ronen often incorporates games into his teaching methods.

Ronen is an NPC in Hogwarts Legacy but plays a prominent role in the game. You will have to complete a primary story quest line involving Professor Ronen, and Ronen will fight alongside you in one of the most impactful and consequential battles in Hogwarts Legacy.

Natsai Onai

best characters in hogwarts legacy

Natsai Onai is a transfer student from the biggest wizarding school in the world. She left Uagadou in Africa and enrolled at Hogwarts when her mother took a job as a professor of Divination at the famous school. Already a powerful witch, Natsai is also an Animagus who can transform into a gazelle. Her abilities are so advanced for a fifth-year student that she is able to use magic without her wand.

As one of the companions in Hogwarts Legacy your character will encounter and have adventures with, Natsai Onai will join you on quest lines and play a large role in your story throughout the game.

Professor Eleazar Fig

If you’ve played through Hogwarts Legacy already, then you know how important of a role Professor Fig plays in your character’s story throughout the game. Fig will serve as your sidekick as you navigate the story, and he will help you unlock and master new magical abilities in the game — including those that killed his wife. Fig has a surprisingly deep and emotional story in Hogwarts Legacy, as his pain and sacrifice are felt throughout.

Professor Fig will be a prominent figure in the battle against the Goblin Rebellion, and he will help you stand against Ranrok as you try to defeat the rising evil.

Sebastian Sallow

A student at Hogwarts and your Slytherin companion, Sebastian Sallow is probably my favorite character in the vast world of Hogwarts Legacy. On the surface, Sebastian appears to be a rebellious Slytherin who will embrace and use dark magic when it suits his needs. In reality, however, Sebastian Sallow has a story full of pain, perseverance, and dedication to those he cares about.

Sebastian’s parents, both professors at Hogwarts, were both murdered when he was a child, leaving Sebastian and his sister to live with their uncle, Solomon Sallow. An illness afflicting Sebastian’s sister caused his relationship with his uncle to sour, as Solomon was not as eager to pursue treatment options as Sebastian was. From the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy, Sebastian’s sole motivation is to find a way to help his sister.

Along with being devious, Sebastian is also incredibly charismatic and very smart. Those traits help cover up the fact that he is becoming increasingly consumed by his obsession to save his sister, no matter the cost. This path brings Sebastian to a confrontation with his uncle in the final act of Hogwarts Legacy that will prove to define the young student.

Ominis Gaunt

You’d think a Slytherin student would embrace the Dark Arts, but not Ominis Gaunt. Born into a family known for their proficiency with dark magic, Ominis rejects the Dark Arts due to his family’s actions and becomes incredibly distrusting of others. A blind student, Ominis sees the dangers of dark magic better than most of his fellow Slytherin, including Sebastian.

Ominis and Sebastian have a friendship that plays a large role in the game, as Ominis tries to guide Sebastian away from pursuing the Dark Arts further in order to save his sister. Along with Ominis, you will reach a critical moment where you will help determine Sebastian’s future in the final section of Hogwarts Legacy.

Those are all of the best characters in Hogwarts Legacy, according to us anyway. Let us know who your favorites are.

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