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The Cuphead Show! Season 2 Is Official and Arriving Pretty Soon

season 2 release window summer 2022 Netflix The Cuphead Show is for kids and children, not adults and gamers, and that is okay

We’ve got some Cuphead news, but it may not be the kind you’re hoping for. Fans of the game have been waiting for ages for the DLC, The Delicious Last Course, but that’s still not landing until June. No, instead it’s news about the The Cuphead Show! cartoon show on Netflix. Season 2 of The Cuphead Show! is official, and it could even come right alongside the DLC, as it has a summer 2022 release window.

The first season of the show may not have been quite what fans were expecting as Cuphead and his brother Mugman went on adventures in the darkly twisted world of the Inkwell Islands. The series animation followed the same old-school animation style of the game, and its episodes kind of did as well. Instead of taking a deep dive into lore and stretching a story out of multiple episodes, each cartoon was just that — an individual story about a wacky adventure for our protagonists. The short film nature of the animations and the lack of a thorough storyline, aside from Cuphead trying to escape the Devil, led many to balk at the series’s lack of depth, even if that seems to have been the point.

The question is what season 2 of The Cuphead Show! will hold. Will Netflix adjust its approach to the series at all? Given the release date, that’s unlikely as this second season is probably more like season 1.5 and is most likely almost completely in the can. What we’re probably looking forward to is more of the same. Whether or not that’s a good thing depends on your enjoyment of the first 12 episodes.

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