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The Flash Has Just Gotten Probably the Best Superhero Movie Trailer Ever

Ezra Miller The Flash, Michael Keaton Batman, and Sasha Calle Supergirl team up in the second The Flash trailer, the best superhero movie trailer we've ever seen.

Look, we all know that Ezra Miller is a wreck of a human with multiple run-ins with the law of varying levels of severity, and it’s anybody’s guess if the actor will clean things up. None of that changes the fact that DC has just released arguably the most exciting and well-edited trailer for a superhero movie ever with the second The Flash trailer. It’s got action, it’s got emotion, it’s got superpowered characters who seem to actually have thematic relevance instead of being shoehorned in for embarrassing pandering. It’s no wonder why this movie reportedly garnered deep enthusiasm among people who saw early screenings.

The second The Flash trailer begins with Michael Keaton Batman (first revealed in full in the previous Flash trailer) describing how he became Batman in a vein attempt to fight his pain at losing his parents — and also, symbolically, to try to bring his parents back. But Barry Allen, the Flash, succeeds in genuinely bringing his mother back to life by using his speed powers to travel back in time and stop her murder. However, that changes the world in ways he never could have imagined, resulting in no Superman existing to fight an invading Zod. There is, however, a Supergirl (Sasha Calle), and so the Flash, Supergirl, and Batman (and also a non-superpowered version of Barry, apparently) team up for a series of freaking awesome-looking action. Also, for good measure, we get another glimpse of Ben Affleck Batman too.

I’m no DC apologist, and aside from Blue Beetle, I don’t really care about anything the studio is doing right now, the same way I’m not wildly excited for a lot of what Marvel is doing either. But geez, at least it looks like the old version of the DC Extended Universe is going out with a bang. Let us know what you think of this second The Flash trailer. It releases June 16 in North America.

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