trailer The House of the Dead: Remake release date April 7, 2022 preorders March 31 Forever Entertainment Nintendo Switch Sega

Forever Entertainment announced The House of the Dead: Remake for Nintendo Switch back in January 2021, and the game received virtually no updates ever afterward. Now, that has finally changed. Forever Entertainment has dropped a new The House of the Dead: Remake Switch trailer revealing an April 7, 2022 release date, and preorders open on March 31.

This is a full remake of the original on-rails Sega shooter that launched in arcades in North America in 1997. Here are all of the features you can expect in The House of the Dead: Remake ahead of its April release date:

  • Well-known arcade classic with modern graphics and controls
  • Gameplay true to the original
  • Local 2-player multiplayer
  • Multiple endings
  • Photomode
  • Achievements
  • Armory with unlockable weapons
  • Hordes of the undead monstrosities in a new game mode
  • Gallery with encountered enemies and bosses

Forever Entertainment has been involved in a number of remakes lately in addition to The House of the Dead. It developed Panzer Dragoon: Remake and is working on remaking its sequel, which was apparently delayed. It is also remaking Front Mission for Square Enix, which was announced at the February 2022 Nintendo Direct. But before either of those games arrive, we have The House of the Dead: Remake, hitting Switch this April. No other platforms have been announced as of yet.

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