The Lamplighters League Is a Globetrotting Turn-Based Adventure from Shadowrun Dev

The Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World is a turn-based globetrotting adventure from Shadowrun Trilogy and Battletech developer Harebrained Schemes, and as announced during the Paradox Announcement Show, it will launch for PC, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox Game Pass in 2023. With a Pixar-like art style and an Indiana Jones-esque story, this creative, character-focused experience already looks like a tactical experience unlike any other. There’s lots to go over, but you can start with the The Lamplighters League cinematic announcement trailer below for a first look – and a good laugh.

With just a few drops of blood and tense settings, The Lamplighters League is clearly trying to strike a balance between thrilling quests and comedy. The gameplay teased at the end of the trailer, however, will see players putting their strategic skills to the test as they plot out adventure and take down any person (or creature) that stands in their way. A separate behind-the-scenes video from Harebrained illustrates how some of it will work, in addition to providing more information on its story and characters.

The Lamplighters League will plop players into the year 1932, where they’ll band together with crooks, misfits, and other horrible people to win a secret war that is all but a lost cause. Your group will be planning out the road ahead with a real-time infiltration phase before tucking and rolling into that turn-based combat. Scouting positions beforehand is how Harebrained aims to give players more freedom in every combat scenario, and it plays into the gameplay Harebrained is already known for, too. If you’ve ever wanted to be a swashbuckling adventurer and barely slide your way out of a close encounter, then The Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World might be for you. See Harebrained’s gameplay first look in the video below.

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