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The Last of Us Rip-Off The Last Hope Removed From eShop

The Last Hope removed

In early July, the gaming world was graced with The Last Hope – Dead Zone Survival. It was the only way to play something resembling The Last of Us on the Nintendo Switch. It did not run well, play well, or look well. Plus, it was only a matter of time until the game got hit with a copyright strike. It finally happened, as Eurogamer reports The Last Hope has been removed from the Nintendo eShop due to a copyright claim from Sony. In addition, all official trailers for the game have been scrubbed from the internet.

What happens if you try to purchase the title from the eShop store page? Well, a 404 error page pops up with Peppy Hare from Star Fox. Thanks for telling me to “Never give up. Trust your instincts.” My instinct was to never purchase or play The Last Hope. If you are a masochist and bought the game before today, you can still play it in all of its plagiarizing glory.

We here at The Escapist played The Last Hope before it was removed to protect you from making a mistake. Give it a watch to see what you are now missing. Spoilers: It will make you sad and give you a laugh at the same time.

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