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Tips and Strategies for Conquest Mode in Marvel Snap

Tips and Strategies for Marvel Snap Conquest Mode

A new mode that completely changes how to play Marvel Snap is upon us, and it can be quite intimidating to jump into it. For more information on what Conquest mode is all about, check out our in-depth explanation here, but the short and sweet of it is that Conquest pits you against another opponent over several rounds, where Snapping saps the loser’s Health and your goal is to reduce your opponents health to zero. As the Conquest is mode in Marvel Snap is quite difficult to find success in, here are some strategies and tips that have helped me to earn a few Infinite tickets in the early days of this exciting new gameplay mode. 

Tips and Strategies for Conquest Mode

First and foremost, you should understand which decks are popular before playing past the Proving Ground tier. This will change week-by-week from patches and new card releases, so the best way to stay on top of things is to see what streamers are running, or checking deck-tracking sites such as Marvel Snap Zone and the Untapped meta analysis. For the early days of Conquest, be sure to check out our list of best decks.

I can’t stress this next tip enough: keep track of your opponent’s cards. Since you’re playing against the same person for several games in a row, it’s of paramount importance that you remember if they have a Doctor Doom or not, or if they can Shang-Chi your Hulk. If you can, play on PC with a deck tracker. It will show which cards your opponent has played, as well as discarded and destroyed cards. I recommend Untapped’s deck tracker for its clean UI. 

Conquest consists of four tiers—Proving Grounds, Silver, Gold, and Infinite—and the Proving Grounds are free-to-play. Winning the Proving Grounds nets you a Silver ticket, and you can play and collect as many Silver tickets as you want. Practicing in the Proving Grounds is a great—and safe—way to get to know a deck and understand what other people are playing. Collecting a handful of Silver tickets can also help you in your quest to earn a coveted Gold ticket.

As you don’t lose ranks for Snapping in Conquest, it’s important to Snap aggressively if you have a good hand or if the opponent is low on Health. Playing passively will only allow an opponent to come back and draw the game out longer. Remember that you cannot Snap for more Health than you have left; if you have only two Health left, you can only take two Health off your opponent. On the other hand, if you’re down several Health to your opponent, Snapping with a good opening hand is a must to make a comeback. Be brave!

Last, and perhaps most importantly, take breaks between matches. A single match against a good opponent can last more than 30 minutes and be quite taxing—and tilting if you lose. As with any competitive game, taking a short break to clear your head, make small adjustments to your deck, or simply drink a glass of water helps more than you think it might; it will also allow you to keep your cool in Gold tier, where the competition is fierce and uncompromising.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be better prepared to climb through the tiers, unlock Infinite tickets, and earn some pretty decent rewards. Keep in mind that this mode is new for everyone, so if you’re experiencing some difficulty, you’re not the only one! Good luck, and happy Snapping.

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