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Best Decks For Conquest in Marvel Snap

Best Decks For Conquest Mode in Marvel Snap

The latest game mode in Marvel Snap has players hopping on it like Thanos on Infinity Stones. Called Conquest, it pits you against an opponent with 10 Health. Snapping no longer nets you Cubes but instead decreases the amount of Health the loser has; once this reaches zero or five rounds are played (whichever comes first), the loser is booted out of their tier—Proving Grounds, Silver, Gold, Infinite—and the winner moves on to another battle or another tier, earning tickets to advance. For more, check out our explainer here. As you can imagine, Conquest plays quite differently than the standard ladder matches. Luckily for you, I’ve played quite a lot of Conquest and have had moderate success, earning a handful of Infinite tickets to challenge the final tier. Here are the best decks that I’ve used and played against in Conquest in Marvel Snap:

The Best Decks For Conquest

The deck-to-beat, much like on the standard ladder, is a High Evolutionary Thor Lockjaw deck, which looks like this:

High Evolutionary
Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor
Doctor Doom
America Chavez
The Infininaut

The goal of this deck is to high roll with Lockjaw in one lane, while slapping down a Hulk on turn 6 in another. Its weakness is that most players are well aware of how to counter it: hitting Thor or Hulk with a Shang-Chi usually spells a loss.

Do note that the standard High Evolutionary control deck—with Professor X, Storm, and Spider-Man—is also quite popular.

The deck I hit Infinite with this season—a Black Bolt and Stature deck—feeds off the Thor version of High Evolutionary. With the inclusion of both Shang-Chi and Enchantress, it stands a solid chance against most of the decks you’ll face. Here’s the list:

Jeff (or Nightcrawler)
Miles Morales: Spider-Man
Rock Slide
Black Bolt

I can personally vouch for the success of this deck, having earned a ticket to the Infinite tier twice with it so far. The goal here is to move Jeff and Black Bolt on turn 5. This allows you to play a 1 cost Miles Morales and a Stature, alongside a massive Darkhawk or a counter card such as Shang-Chi. Often, simply playing an Enchantress and Darkhawk discounted by Zabu will win games. Quite a lot of lists do not run an Enchantress or Shang-Chi, so once you know what your opponent is playing, you can play Darkhawk out early, but typically waiting until the final turn to play him is advisable. If you do not have Nebula or Jeff, swapping in Nightcrawler and Luke Cage are not huge detriments to this deck. However, all other cards are necessary.

For a more Series 3 friendly deck, look no further than your standard Patriot list:

Squirrel Girl
Misty Knight
Mister Sinister
Invisible Woman
Blue Marvel

Tried and true, the Patriot list has a great win rate against most decks, including High Evolutionary and the Stature list if you can protect Patriot behind Invisible Woman. Having both Ultron and Onslaught gives you different play patterns in the best-of Conquest matches where your opponent will quickly learn your deck; keeping them guessing is paramount to success.

None of these appeal to you? The other deck of note is the meta-checking Sera Control, which has multiple tools to counter any deck, though it is quite difficult to pilot: 

Kitty Pryde
Scarlet Witch

I have run into Discard, Move, and Destroy decks, but those are few and far between as High Evolutionary lists readily defeat them. So, if you’re planning on jumping into the Conquest mode of Marvel Snap to earn some sweet rewards while participating in a steep challenge, the decks listed above will give you the best chances of success. Nab one and give it your all. Good luck!

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