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Top 5 Dynamic Xbox Series X|S Backgrounds

Top Dynamic Backgrounds for Xbox Series X|S
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Want to spruce up your Xbox Series X|S a little without spending a penny? Why not try applying one of the console’s free dynamic backgrounds? You can have Master Chief standing guard over your games and apps. There’s a good variety of backgrounds on offer, inspired by everything from fan favorite games to retro consoles. To help you pick, here’s our list of the top 5 dynamic Xbox Series X|S backgrounds.

Five Free Dynamic Backgrounds to Make Your Xbox Series X|S Shine.

A dynamic background serves as a backdrop to your Xbox Series X|S dashboard. Unlike static backgrounds, they’re animated, usually in a fairly subtle way. For example, the recently released Star Wars Jedi: Survivor background has rotating lines while one of the Halo backgrounds has Master Chief dodging Needler projectiles.

So which should you choose? Halo fans might make a beeline for that Halo one, but it’s worth looking beyond that. Currently, there are 24 backgrounds, split into the Games, Xbox, and Abstract categories. We’ve gone through each and come up with these five picks.


Vampire-hunting FPS Redfall hasn’t had the greatest reception but this dynamic background still deserves to dominate your Xbox Series X|S. It’s an animated version of the game’s promo art with our heroes looking on as a vampire approaches them. The flickering lighting makes this background suitably spooky.

The Redfall dynamic background is one of the top five available for Xbox Series X|S, featuring the game's heroes facing off against a vampire.

Halo Infinite – Courage

Master Chief may not be moving an inch but this Halo Infinite dynamic background is still full of action. It features the Chief shielding a soldier while debris and dust erupt around them. The needler darts that zoom past are the icing on the ring-shaped cake.

Grounded – Backyard

While animated, this is a pleasingly relaxing background, devoid of Grounded’s usual insect antagonists. This backyard view, complete with slowly shifting water, is so gorgeous it feels like you’re meditating on a lily pad. 

Top 5 Dynamic Xbox Series X|S Backgrounds - Grounded's background is exceptionally relaxing.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

There’s no sign of Cal Kestis in this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor background, which isn’t entirely a bad thing. Instead, it’s an otherworldly view of a rocky planet, complete with the Jedi Order logo floating overhead. It’s not as down to earth as Grounded’s background, but it’s oddly calming nonetheless. 

Xbox – The Original

If you ever owned an original Xbox, this background will be a real nostalgia trip. Even if not, you may still get a kick out of its retro appeal. This floating orb, with its criss-cross spherical chamber, was part of the first Xbox’s dashboard.

How Do You Install These Backgrounds?

If you’ve not installed a dynamic background before, it’s quite simple. Tap the Xbox controller jewel, go down to Settings and, in the General section, select Personalisation. From there, go to My Background and select Dynamic Backgrounds.

The original Xbox theme is in the Xbox section but the rest of those listed above are in the Games section. Choose the one you want and, when the tick has appeared on the background at the bottom, hit B to return to the dashboard. 

Those are our picks for the top 5 dynamic Xbox Series X|S backgrounds along with how to install them. Let us know what you think of our picks and whether or not your preferences are different!

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