There are plenty of mods available for the PC version of Hogwarts Legacy. Some change little things, others alter the game more drastically. There’s even a multiplayer mod in the works that’ll let you share your Hogwarts Legacy adventure with other wizards. But what if you want to lean into the more ridiculous side of the Wizarding World? Here are our top silly Hogwarts Legacy PC mods.

Here’s a List of Our Top Silly Hogwarts Legacy PC Mods, Which Prove Anything is Better With Nicholas Cage. 

If you want a hand installing these mods, take a look at our guide here. All of these top silly Hogwarts Legacy PC mods are available from Nexus Mods and most can be uninstalled very easily. But why wouldn’t you want to ride Shrek around the skies?

Hogwarts Legacy Spider-Man mod

Peter Potter – the Spider Wizard. You’ll need to create a new character to make the most out of this one, but you can roam Hogwarts dressed as Spider-Man. Not having a mask might be a problem for Peter but since this is a work in progress, it could arrive later. After all, you never know where J. Jonah Jameson might be hiding.

Nicholas Cage Paintings. What’s better than a picture of Nicholas Cage? A magical picture of Nicholas Cage. Instead of the usual musicians, this mod replaces many of the Musical Hallway’s portraits with animated pictures of the actor in his various roles. That includes Con Air and the famous meme from Vampire’s Kiss

But, unlike these other mods, to get this working you have to replace a file in your Hogwarts Legacy directory so make sure you read the instructions and back up the file first. 

Hogwarts Legacy with Nicholas Cage paintings

Lego Hogwarts.This isn’t as dramatic as some of the other mods but it adds a little Lego assembly sound to the end of anything you fix with the Reparo spell. If you’ve played any of the Lego Star Wars games you’ll recognise it instantly. We love it.

Shrek Broom. You can ride around on Thomas the Tank Engine, but we much prefer Shrek in all his T-Pose glory. If you want to get this amazing broom you’ll have to buy it from merchant Rohan Prakash who is in the Cragcroftshire region of the map.

It replaces the Aeromancer broom and will cost you 3,000 Galleons, But once you’re astride arguably the world’s most famous ogre, soaring over the other students’ heads, you won’t regret buying it.

Magic Gun. Instead of using a regular wand, your character now performs magic with a Glock. It’s no more powerful than a regular wand but if you have seen the even sillier Harry Potter with Guns you’ll definitely appreciate this 

There are other strange and silly mods to be found on Nexus Mods and you can expect even more to be added. But for now, those are our top silly Hogwarts Legacy mods.

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