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Uncharted Movie Delayed Yet Again, but Only a Little This Time

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“Delayed by one week” might become the cinematic cliche of 2021 as studios struggle to cram a slew of delayed films into the end of the year and cause a domino effect of release delays from there out. The newest one-week delay is for Sony’s Uncharted movie, which is moving from Feb. 11, 2022, to Feb. 18, 2022. The film is the first in what Sony hopes will be a franchise based on its successful video game series.

The film has been delayed multiple times over the course of the pandemic due to scheduling issues and production delays and even more if you include the years Sony attempted to get it off the ground in one form or another. The film had multiple release dates going as way back as 2016, but this version, starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, was previously scheduled to drop in July of this year before being pushed to February of 2022. The movie will now open with little competition as February is both a dead month in normal times and has even fewer films scheduled thanks to COVID-19. Currently, it’s set to release against the animated film Rumble and a week after the long-delayed Death on the Nile.

This isn’t the only major film that Sony shuffled around recently. Earlier in the week, the studio moved Venom: Let There Be Carnage a week later as well. Meanwhile, WarnerMedia moved Mortal Kombat a week later as well. As the release schedule settles in we’re sure to see a few more small shifts here and there as the bigger films claim their hopefully final release dates.

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