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This article contained language that was needlessly incendiary. As such, we have redacted the editorial in its entirety.

Furthermore, we would like to offer a formal apology to Mr. Jeremy Hambly (TheQuartering). We do not believe you are anti-gay and are very sorry for all inconveniences this story has caused. 

-The editors at Escapist

Riley Constantine
Contributor. Riley Constantine is Iowa's third greatest export behind Slipknot and life insurance. She loves to review movies and games while examining how they often mirror the bizarre world we live in.

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    1. It’s an asset for sure. They’ve even posted it in my prefered method, seperate from the game for people that want to know more, I’ve always liked the way overwatch has done their comics. Of course the channels linked here have to “stir the pot” to get clicks, so that will never change.

      That leads to my main point however, I understand that the subject of this article is going to be overexaggerated somewhat; but considering this story/lore isn’t even mentioned in-game and the majority of players probably don’t even know any of the backstory, marking it as the “greatest” asset seems a little excessive.
      I just find both sides overexagerating it as “this is the worst thing ever” and “this is the greatest thing ever” all very bizzare. It’s simply something that’s great if it resonates with you, and if not you can simply not interact with it. But I suppose strong opinions do bring in the views and I’m here commenting, so maybe I’m a hypocrite! ahaha

      In my opinion, it’s greatest asset by far is the amazing systems in place for communcation and accessibility, especially for people with disibilites or anxiety/mental health issues that don’t like to talk. The gameplay is also especially fun.

      1. Yes, that’s your opinion. The opinions of the author are different. They are both equally valid.

    2. are u serious? The personalities of the playable characters are barely noticeable, let alone their gender. The only people who even realise theres lgbt characters are those who read this article or look up the lore for somea reason. Im pretty sure the greatest asset is that the game is polished and plays well, and stands out due to encouraging more teamplay over other BRs.

      1. It’s hard not to notice Lifeline’s accent or Mirage’s bravado. They talk all the time. It’s noticeable.

    3. Kind of mind-blowing to see such a lack of awareness from so many of the comments here. I realize that’s probably a teensy bit inflammatory of me, so I apologize . . . but it’s really hard not to remark on. If it wasn’t a blatant admission of the systemic repression that takes place, I’d laugh at the irony of so much vocal condemnation of “you’re giving it too much attention.” A cursory glance at other articles on The Escapist and the lack of comments they have, and these people complain about giving attention to the “wrong” subject? The best/worst comment of all:
      “No one cares.” My mind goes numb at the farcical duplicity.

      One automatically admits to caring about the subject by the mere act of commenting on the subject.

    4. This lying cunt needs to be fired.

    5. Slander.

      1. Well, technically libel, but close enough.

    6. Does it ever worry you that the only ones picking up on these supposed dog whistles are those on the left? O_o Maybe what you’re howling at is just your own Projective test results.

    7. Absolutely disgusting article not only have you slandered the quartering but have made yourself look like a horrible person just by being confused about being a girl your butt needs fired and you need to stop writing about characters sexuality being important in a br shooting game you are a sad confused person! Hope u get sued!

    8. I am with Grim. Apex Legends is a non-story driven game where the whole concept of it is (the overly saturated genre) battle royale where litterally I could careless who they fuck and more so on “Are their abilities usefull/do the look cool?”

    9. Deal with it? Sure, mouthy sjw liers like you riley are less than one percent of the population, yet your shrill cries make up 90 percent of the bullshit we face. This is a hit piece for views and I hope your ass gets sued for slander. I don’t care what the hell you call yourselves, but to make up bullshit shows how fucked you are. Oh ya, deal with it. As for apex, guess what?? NO ONE CARES IF YOU THINK THEY ARE GAY, OR WHATEVER. it’s a decent game. But once again petty, insecure assholes like you decide to inject sjw polices into it. As a canadian it’s hard for me to loose it, but congrats, I have, and I am not sorry.

    10. This article is awful

    11. Riley Constantine, You are so stupid. I don’t care if you are a lesbian, a transgender or an attack helicopter. No one cares, your life must be so sad if you feel ofended by not having “representation” in a stupid video game for kids.

      1. “…stupid video game for kids” ?!?! Them’s fightin’ words!

    12. Apex Legends’ LGBTQ Characters Are Not Even
      Kind of Important. like not even a little bit. theyre actually
      distracting and unneeded. IF they properly represented their numbers in
      the real world (less than .01% of the population) then maybe…but in a
      battle royal shooter with no story its just stupid, uneducated, and
      bigoted. your lack of intelligence, education and exposure to the real
      world is sad. perhaps you should go make a sandwich instead of making
      women look stupid. there is a reason you are NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A
      JOURNALIST and never will be. there is also a reason why the gaming
      industry is in a free fall, and your lame publication is taking a hit
      financially as well.

      1. Take all the characters in the top 100 best selling games ever made, count up the percentage of LGBTQ characters, and then get back to me. I’m willing to bet you aren’t gonna get CLOSE to the percentage of the population that’s LGBTQ.

    13. This game would be no different their portraits and models were all the NPC meme, or frigging stick people for that matter. This “representation is important” bullshit is seriously getting on my nerves.

    14. This article has nothing to do with gaming, this is just pushing an agenda.
      Gamers do not hate or discriminate the LGBTQ community.

      LGBTQ representation in Apex Legends is NOT important, why?:
      First, the knowledge that a character is LGBTQ does not affect gameplay and story (which does not exist). Second, most people doesn’t even know that there are LGBTQ characters in the game because they don’t care about a fictional online game character’s sexuality.

      Thank you,
      For making it so that i would not return to this website ever.
      More then that I will inform my friends about your true cause which is clearly not gaming related.

    15. I would say given that the characters in a first person shooter represent whoever is playing, it is less inclusive to shoehorn that character to 1 steriotypical gender these games have always been inclusive given the character represents you. And Lying to produce articles and outright slander youtubers with little to no research is terrible journalism.

    16. ..

    17. Why, why two characters being gay in a game without any kind of story or lore whatsoever it’s important, worth of an article? Why journalists, treat like it’s an unnatural phenomenon? Are the LGBTQ people really that needy for attention?

    18. So, this is your opinion Riley?
      Let me give you my opinion, don’t lie, lies have short legs and they do catch up to you. You are stating you know exactly what others meant with their words, how can you? Sure you can have your opinion about it but to do whole article bashing them for meaning something they never even said? That is a lie and might even be a crime.
      We are all entitled to our opinion, but that is just what they are opinions, they are not automatically true because we want them to be. We all have biases so I would always double check if my bias is in my way when expressing my opinion to the public.
      Personally, I can’t say what TheQuartering means with a lot of what he says, but I never found him to be offending LGBTQ, if I’d have to interpret his words/actions I’d say he probably do not care about it and think companies use them in order to “be progressive”, you know, the fashion at the moment.
      I do not care as well, you can be whatever you want, but if someone come to me and say “Hi, my name is John, I am a transgender” it just sounds childish to me, I couldn’t care less, that person will be respected as a person, not because of her sexual preference or anything like that.
      “…but for most people the message remains loud and clear: don’t be queer at school…” that is called sexual prejudice I am pretty sure it is a crime and people should report it, but unless you have proof someone has done it you can’t accuse people of a crime without facing repercussions. Prejudice is something we have to fight always, everywhere, our future should not accept prejudice as part of our life, period. However, if you look around and start to misrepresent anyone that do not agree completely with your beliefs regarding sexual orientation you won’t help this cause. We need to prove crimes or else we will move to intolerance, meaning you will judge and condem people without a fair trial. If I do not agree with your article am I homophobic, transphobic or anything like that? Really? That is all the proof you need?
      Have a nice day.

    19. Complete bullshit, the Escapist as crossed the final line for me, i’m not even coming to your website to check out Yahtzee anymore, Trash website allows trash articles meanwhile they mock
      ““game’s urinalists ” (yes that’s spelled right)” – then they go about showing exactly how they ARE that type of people by lying outright and nobody fact checking.

    20. I’ve grown a little bit distrustful of the argument that politics should be kept out of video games. It usually seems to mean keeping the politics they themselves don’t like out of games.

      I remember back in the day that Nintendo didn’t want gay people in their life simulator because it would be a political statement. I suppose it is but excluding gay people from a life simulator is equally political. Saying you don’t want minorities at all or that you only accept a small focus on minorities is a political opinion.

      Was Ellie’s kiss in the Last of Us trailer the devs shoving politics down our throat? Or were the ones complaining about it shoving their own politics down everyone else’s throats.

      People complain a lot about Soldier’s sexuality in Overwatch and these Apex character because its so small that it can only be used to pander, but if sexuality DOES get a bigger focus they also complain about it. So how should minorities be included if both a big or small focus is so problematic?

      And aren’t all those games about American Soldiers invading the middle east political? Far more political than any gay or black character? What of Persona 5 which literaly has a populist strongman as its main villain?

    21. “Diversity is Apex Legends’ greatest asset. While Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale has already earned a reputation as a great multiplayer experience, granting players the option to play characters of various races, sexes, and queer identities lets the game stand out amongst its peers.” Incorrect. Apex Legends’ greatest asset is high quality game play and design. It stands out amongst its peers because it’s better developed and more entertaining than it’s peers. That’s litterally why millions have flocked to it. It contains characters of various races, sexes, and queer identities (your words. I don’t understand in this day and age what is actually “queer” about sexual preference, but you have no issue calling them queer so I guess it’s ok), but that isn’t the driving force behind the games success. I won’t get into the attacks on content creators, those opinions are yours and if you choose to sink to that level so be it. Please don’t misrepresent a great game with LGBT aspects as a game that is great because it has LGBT aspects. That’s a large disrespect to those that spent time developing this great game.

      1. And let’s not forget that those aspects aren’t actually in the game. Not that they would really make any difference if they were, because again it’s not a narrative-driven game with any modicum of meaningful story, but even ignoring that… it isn’t… in… the game. They’ve done nothing to warrant any praise, even if you DO want to see a more diverse cast of characters. Which I’m always happy to see.

    22. “Beneath the veneer of politically correct language, The Amazing Lucas and The Quartering are making a clear statement: “We don’t want to explore LGBTQ identity in video games.” – that’s literally slander.

    23. I dont know what world you live in. I dont know of a single person who stopped playing soldier 76 or any gay character for that matter because of their orientation.

      Nobody gives a shit if youre a man woman black gay whatever. There really is no problem other than what you make it. You focus on the 1 in 1,000,000 who might actually care and try to tie that to everyone else. If your goal is to get people to sympathize with that 1 person then keep doing what you’re doing.

      Who the hell keeps hiring these people to report “news”, their goal in life is to try to act like a victim when NOBODY CARES about whatever youre complaining about this time

    24. Learn to code,

    25. Wow, this place looks like a heaven on earth…

      “RULE ONE
      We want Escapist Magazine to be a welcoming and safe place for
      creators and contributors of all backgrounds. Therefore criticism,
      harassment, shaming, or any action deemed by the moderators or staff to
      be inflammatory or abusive towards an Escapist Magazine staff member,
      contributor, or moderator is expressly forbidden.

      unless, you know, you support free speech…

    26. Who a character have in their bedroom is NOT important.

    27. Well this comments section went to shit.

      1. Yes, therefore, you should leave and don’t call yourself that.

    28. I cannot wait to be immersed in the last of us 2 and the story surrounding her being a lesbian in a post-apocalyptic world. But I disagree with this article. Why make a story-less game have this representation? The first few days I played Apex Legends, the last thing I was thinking of was who they were having sex with. Why even put it in? It’s just a game about shooting Legends and winning a competition.

    29. YOU certainly do live in you own,bizarre little world!You should maybe do your homework before you spout nonsense and lies.

    30. have they ever announced any of the other characters in the game to be straight? other people exist and deserve to be represented.
      no one cares. straight people have been playing games with characters we had no idea what sexuality they were and never gave a second of thought to it.
      this article is clearly written by someone with a massive chip on their shoulder who gets upset over people not agreeing with them, to the point they will exagerate whe other people say to the point of it just being complete lies. and saying “dont go to the source to check what iu’m saying, just believe me, because it vile” yeah. i’m sure the people who actualy for some bizarre reason actually use games journalism website would do that. anyone with half a brain however can see right through that.

      everything everyone creates doesnt have to help your get over your emotional issues by patting you on th eback and telling you that you exist. thats just insanity.

    31. This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read. Everything has been taken out of context, and there are no facts or your so called “evidence”. This is literally akin to peoples updates on MySpace. If you are going to be a Journalist, report something, not spout nonsense.
      Here, I will help.
      Step 1) Understand the games community.
      Step 2) Understand context.
      Step 3) Understand others opinions.
      Step 4) Understand that others opinions has no bearing on oneself.
      Step 5) Do your job.

    32. Nice embellishment and grasping for straws you got there. You did it! Way to help progressive thought and campaigning!

    33. I’m straight and the only time I felt homophobic was when a gay dude made a move on me when he knew I was straight. I just wish gays would chill the fuck out and quit waving gay flags like it matters who anybody sleeps with. If I can be straight without trying to change the world, you can be gay all the same. Just be gay and quit making shit awkward? Or if you wanna have a gay character, make your own gay game with gay characters? Like…do it to it, brother! Less talk more action! Big gays don’t cry!

    34. Frankly people like the Quartering idiot are the real panderers by coddling their fan bases of salty nerds who see any representation at all as being “in their face”.

      1. but they’re not represented. it’s like saying an inanimate object is LGBT and you’re anti LGBT if you dont respect my pet rocks sexual orientation. it’s a marketing hoax. and they’re getting what they wanted from you torch wielding troglodytes

    35. A vast majority of the people who play games don’t care where that character wants to rub their parts. Nice pandering to .5% of that whole community so you can virtue signal.

      Slander me too.

    36. FWIW I’m with Riley. This is a well-written and fair article, and the brigading fanbase of this guy are really doing a great job showing how lovely of a person he is. Sorry about the assholes, fam.

      1. You honestly don’t see using a character’s LGBTQ status as a marketing tactic exploitive in a game that isn’t story driven?

    37. I’m straight and the only time I felt homophobic was when a gay dude made a move on me when he knew I was straight. I just wish gays would chill the fuck out and quit waving gay flags like it matters who anybody sleeps with. If I can be straight without trying to change the world, you can be gay all the same. Just be gay and quit making shit awkward? Or if you wanna have a gay character, make your own gay game with gay characters? Like…do it to it, brother! Less talk more action! Big gays don’t cry!

    38. I do not agree that in a game like Apex it is important to highlight the sexuality of a character when the only human interaction in the gameplay is to kill each other.

      On the other hand, I think it’s important to have a character with whom one can identify, especially in RPG or games that emphasize interaction with other characters such as: The Sims, RimWorld, Second Life, etc. But with Apex, this is not the case.

      In addition to all this, the characters of Apex are linked to classes, which means that it is much more likely that a player ends up using the character that suits him more considering his abilities and powers, much more than what they look like. At least in my opinion, real gamers look for exactly that, gameplay that suits them.

      If the Apex developers really wanted to be inclusive, they would have let us choose the character’s class and appearance separately.

    39. you need to make changes to this article in order for it to continue to have integrity and merit.

      either make an additional paragraph stating that you embellished on your assumptions towards the individuals you made untrue statements about to correct the record, OR just simply edit those assumptions directly and then put in an editors note describing the edit, like a real journalist would do.

      as it stands your article is currently deceitful and dishonest, even for an opinion piece.

      you provide zero evidence for your libel statements, and on the reverse side there is plenty of evidence available to refute everything you wrote and is very easy to use against you.

      journalism without integrity is non-journalism.

    40. Wow, where were the editors for this piece? You make a whole bunch claims as to what these people meant, but you dont actually tell us what they said. You even go as far as to discourage people from actually checking for them selves by telling people how “Vile” the videos are. “Allow me to explain with direct evidence, but I warn you to avoid clicking the links because they are quite vile.” What evidence? All you follow this up with is what you think they meant even though some of them said things to the exact contrary.

    41. fuck me is this what gaming has become? You are all pathetic, the lot of you. The commenters, the article writers, the websites publishing this junk…. fuck you all you boring self important agenda driven wankers. Can’t you just sit down and play a game and shut the fuck up?

    42. Your “opinion” is simply wrong, what part of “if there no story to make such representation relevant.” escapes you. if there is no story, as is the case for most battle royal, then why should it matter. it just people shooting other people for fun. A character DOES NOT need to be gay in theses types of games. That is the good thing about battle royals you can make your chosen character to be what ever you want them to be. I swear to i did not escape a third world country ruled by dictator, run by morons, just to live in an other country with more morons. who are proud to be morons.

      1. Sorry about the moron thing, its just very frustrating to see people create problems where there should be none. Stop trying to force your perception onto others just because it makes you feel better, if you need representation in a video game to make you feel better then your thinking too little of yourself.

    43. Oh god where did this person grab these conclusions from? I didn’t read the receipt on my last purchase so I hope I don’t offend my one of my pillows at night when i sleep on one or the other. People nowadays… holy crap…

    44. Whoa, wait is Escapist Magazine owned by gawker now? This looks like a Kotaku article. How did I end up here anyway, Escapist is probably the worst journalism sites on the net.

    45. lol the top comment defending Jeremy against slanderous lies got deleted. wow.

    46. You know i only watched ZP from you guys really and now i don’t even want to do that. No one thinks LGBTQ representation is a bad thing and shouldn’t happen, it’s a good thing and it IS pandering. that doesn’t have to be a bad thing but literally lying about someone and attempting to ruin their career through slander. I can’t condone that kind of action.

    47. TL;DR: Nobody gives a shit. Could you talk about games please?

    48. As a gay man I honestly find this more offensive than anything Jeremy has said, that stated this is hardly offensive. The one thing to draw my minor amount of ire is that there is a “need” to explore LGBT issues… there isn’t and saying there is as as annoying as saying they need to be avoided though it is far less offensive. The problem is not the fact the ideas are explored the problem is there is this need for it, in every game, even with ones with no story… like Apex Legends. Take a game with a story for instance Dorian from Dragon Age Inquisition, who cared that he was gay? Nobody that I can recall in fact the reception to him was extremely positive, same with same sex romance in Mass Effect. So are LGBT characters important, well yeah and they are already accepted, and have been for over a decade.

    49. I thought Sylvando in Dragon Warrior XI was soooooooooooper!
      my fave by far.
      though… what I like might be considered an offensive caricature dependent on who you talked to.
      I would prefer it if ‘the outrage’ came from people who are directly effected by the negative characterization (or their designate), and that ‘the outrage’ be directed at the creators of the offending content rather than creators of content that contains 10 seconds of content that mentions the original in passing and expends 99% less energy on marginalising human rights abuses than the murmuring trolls in their followings.
      lots of people who comment on a creators content have no investment in the creator and no ties, loyalty or appreciation for the headaches that their ‘fire & forget’ comments will cause when viewed by another casual.

    50. I don’t give a fat fuck if you’re ghay or if you play as one online. This is still a free country and I have got real problems, and ghay characters in any form of media isn’t one of them.

    51. “Diversity is Apex Legends’ greatest asset.” Seriously?

    52. The Quartering and the Amazing Lucas, both of whom I watch, have more integrity in their pinkies than this person who is out and out lying and the Escapist for printing it. I hope they get sued for slander.

    53. If the identity of the characters was so important… why the hell isn’t it in the actual game?

      That’s right. This information is not even in the actual game. In fact… no information is. The game is completely devoid of any character story at all….

      so again I ask… if it is important… why isn’t it in the game.

    54. “Beneath the veneer of politically correct language, The Amazing Lucas
      and The Quartering are making a clear statement: “We don’t want to
      explore LGBTQ identity in video games.””

      Why are you lying on the Quartering? He never said that. Yet you are going to put words in his mouth?

      Most gamers don’t care about people being gay or not. I don’t agree with LGBTQ but that does not mean I want to stop them. I don’t accept them, that does not mean I want them to have less rights. I don’t know I just think that when you attack people and lie on them. You are not helping people accept.

      Apex irks me with this, It is a shooter with no story. Who cares about if someone is gay, when you force it out like this. It just does not matter.

    55. I remember when The Escapist wrote decent articles instead of trying to pander. What a far fall from grace…

    56. LGBTQ are 3% of the population.
      The other 97% aren’t.
      Get over it.

      The market will sort it out.
      Video games going SJW will just chop their revenue in half like Hollywood.
      I seriously doubt 3% could effect shares.
      But I bet that half of 97% can.

    57. Do people only play video games based on the sexuality of the characters? what is going on?

    58. I find this really disappointing as an article. I’ve been watching the quartering for awhile and I’m pretty leftist. I’ve dropped my comments when I’ve disagreed with Jeremy. I do hope that his lawyers straighten this out. Liable is liable guys .

    59. My issue with this is that there isn’t a reason for them to have any sexuality. Sex is not represented in the game in any way other than the sexuality of the characters. If there was a story line and character development and depth then it makes sense for that to be represented. It just feels forced and i think that makes people feel uncomfortable.

    60. This is a sad and disappointing article, on the part of the author. Wanting representation and acknowledgement in media for your ideals and beliefs is a good thing, but trying to claim this example as a stepping stone for LGBT rights is asinine. When you design a character in a video game, or any piece of art or fiction, all of their personality traits and quirks, as well as their appearance and stature should contribute to the development of the character, or the story and setting in which the character resides. This character has a taste for s’mores, but why? In progression of the character, why does the player or reader need to know that they like s’mores? Well, maybe sharing s’mores around a campfire was the last memory they had with their family before they were killed by a bear. To us the s’mores seem trivial, until you see under the surface how important to the character they really are.

      My point is, even the smallest parts of a character’s development should have meaning to the story, or else you are just being flooded with unnecessary information. On the same train of thought, that information should be presented in a meaningful way. The saying “Show, don’t Tell” comes to mind. Presenting the love shared by a gay couple in a game through their actions, say, to save one another from a deadly disease or violent enemy, or through small moments that show that their relationship is more than what it appears on the surface. Presenting the struggles of a person questioning their gender identity throughout their journeys or quests. THAT’S representation. When you just add tidbits into a character bio about the character being gay or neutral gendered, after the game is already released and never touch on the subject again. What is that supposed to contribute? Why should I have to care about that? That goes for ANY miscellaneous information about the character. Why does it matter that Gibraltar is specifically 30 years old? Why do we need to know that his father lost his arm? Does it make me want to play him any more or any less? No.

      So tell me, why would you settle for this cheap marketing gimmick as representation? It’s an obvious ploy to make you want to play and spend money in the game, rather than forming an actual quality bond with a character for their choices and moral fiber. You want to know REAL representation? Look no further than (SPOILER WARNING) the progression of Undertale’s relationship between female characters Undyne and Alphys. Throughout the story, you get hints of their friendship and growing romantic bond, until the characters slowly progress toward expressing their feelings. This progression isn’t just there to be there. As you help them get closer, as the main character Frisk, you are building your image as someone who selflessly values relationships, regardless of who or what they are or what they’ve done to get where they are. In the end, that kindness returns full circle as they come to your aid in the final boss battle. THAT is representation, because not only is it subtle and natural, it brings you closer to the characters regardless of their feelings towards each other, and their gay relationship, while important, isn’t something outlandish and screaming in your face to be noticed and acknowledged, it’s just there. It’s not what they are or what they have that’s important, it’s WHY THEY HAVE IT and WHERE IT WILL TAKE THEM.

      That is why adding this pointless information to an OUT OF GAME bio and it contributes nothing to the character as you play them in the game. You don’t see any interaction between the characters and their background loved ones. There is no story mode to get attached to the character’s motivations or beliefs. The characters are just there, in a battle royale game, and you control them as you play. Meanwhile the bio info is just tacked on after the fact for the fanbase to read. You gain nothing from it, not a sense of awe or affection, because it’s not something you’re witnessing, it’s just something you’re being told happened in the past. It just reeks of pandering, and I would be ashamed to settle for THAT as my representation.

      On top of it all, the article takes pot shots at a well known and loved Youtuber for voicing an opinion that HE DID NOT MAKE. He did not bash the LGBT community for wanting this sort of representation, nor did he say that representation is a bad thing for video games. He simply doesn’t want to EXPLORE it. In my honest opinion, his statement regarding LGBT representation could be applied to anything almost equally. I don’t play a game to see what characters are going to be romantically involved or to confirm their gender identity. If anything, QUALITY introduction of romance into the plot is just a way to increase my immersion into the game and characters, nothing more, nothing less. I don’t use a main character’s love for their girlfriend or religious views to confirm or deny my own philosphies, beliefs, or status. I don’t search every game for confirmation that abortion should be legal, or that America is the greatest country in the world, but if the characters in the story happen to believe, and there is a good reason for me to know that, then it adds to the experience. So slandering Jeremy and The Quartering because their views on gaming and how representation should be approached doesn’t match yours? It’s proposterous, cruel, and terribly underhanded. Representation aside, you (the author) should be ashamed for twisting the words of someone you don’t agree with to try and prove your point and undermine them. Despicable.

    61. Riley Constantine, you are lying scum.

    62. People who aren’t little bitches, when playing sonic the HEDGEHOG, how was your mental state? were you worried that none of the characters besides the baddie looked human? was it UPSETTING that for 30-70hours, maybe months, years playing these games or just a single one.. that you didn’t have a character “you could easily identify with”

      Or did you just play the game and not be a whiny little child?
      Oh that’s right there are plenty of examples that get ignored, just like how “straight white men” hate all the womens and their films, only if you discount every popular female character since 1970.

      Its much easier to sit here and say “waaa i need to see somebody gay onscreen or i don’t feel as gay as i could” but really its just you don’t feel like you fit in, and most people struggle with that picking a transsexual pander label will not help, but you have loads of unhelpful “allies” supporting your years of trying to find yourself instead of just looking inside.

      Then suicide rates skyrocket because going under the knife is a massive life changing event which allies have no idea about, and once done it cannot be un-done and if your problem isn’t the one fixed by that solution you are fucked.

      So kindly stop lying about video games, it doesn’t matter what sexual choice or skin colour characters in a game book or tv series have, and if you want to make something different do it yourselves don’t bully others into it.

    63. I can’t wait until you get sued and lose your livelihood like you try to do to other people. It’ll be glorious to see you having to give money to Jeremy or go to jail.

    64. Once upon a time, I was worried about the alleged “infiltration” of LGBTQ representation in video games and how game companies would supposedly bow to the wills of a tiny minority in the interests of political correctness. I asked how could game creators possibly express themselves without restraint if they were being forced to tick boxes and meet diversity quotas?

      Now I can freely admit that I was naive and foolish to think such things. The “tiny minority” is actually a far larger group of people who have previously been silenced by others for who they are. Being able to see themselves represented in media is very important in validating their existence, an existence that many have and still continue to try to suppress. Ironically, the worry of political correctness stifling creativity was unfounded and greater representation actually allows creators to explore new spaces and produce new experiences that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

      Games like Apex do a great job of treating LGBTQ as a matter of course because that’s how it should be. They don’t need to shout from the rooftops about how Gibraltar has a boyfriend or Bloodhound is non-binary because those facts alone don’t completely define who those characters are. If you only ever played the game and never read the character descriptions, you probably wouldn’t even know those details.

      I’m reminded of a game called VA-11 HALL-A on the PC and being pleasantly surprised by how little fanfare is given to the fact that the main character is a lesbian. It’s a story about loneliness and regret and the sexual preferences of the main character aren’t a major part of the overall message the game is trying to convey. That game removed any worries I might have that developers might be incapable of covering these topics in unsubtle ways and Apex has done the same thing.

    65. Constantine should be fired. She’s the reason why Gamer Gate formed in the first place.

    66. The Quartering channel is not homophobic. I’ve never heard him say anything bad about LGBT. All he’s saying is that empty pandering sucks and it does. There’s tons of LGBT I’ve spoken to that despise pandering.

      Pandering is when you barely put any effort into the content. These LGBT characters in Apex legends have no depth. The game has no story, no relationships. What’s the point of even saying they’re LGBT? The only reason for mentioning it is to virtue signal to gain social justice points.

      Why is it that transgender are always behind these kinds of dishonest articles? This is not the first time. Every time I see an insane article that makes no sense or flat out lies, the writer always happens to be transgender. Not a good look.

    67. Y’know I am going to say a few things here. First I have been in the gaming community since the early 1990’s . I worked for White Wolf Magazine and have worked for others down the line. I also WORKED in the gaming community as a Beta Tester for Westwood Studios and have my name on 3 titles. I have never .. EVER… gone after anyone’s livelihood like YOU have Riley. Oh and I am also gay and have a husband and the fact that a character claims is gay in a VIDEO GAME is FUCKING IRRELEVANT! When companies state/do this… all they are doing is trying to drum up controversy on Twitter to get more people to play the goddamned game. The thing that pisses me off the most “Riley” is that I have MORE experience in gaming than you.. and YET you are on the Escapist writing this fucking slanderous drek that people take as gospel. YOU are what’s wrong with gaming “journalism” and people LIKE you should be EXILED on an island somewhere… because you can’t fucking write about gaming .PERIOD.

    68. i’m getting really annoyed by the phrase “homophobic.” it’s starting to raise hives on my skin the way “rape culture” and “the patriarchy” do. i have a feeling there are many like me. for a straight man to have no interest in “exploring homosexual characters” is not “phobic” of him–he’s not in fear of it. he’s just not bloody interested because he doesn’t identify. hey, isn’t “identify” a hot new term the left loves? why can’t it apply to straight guys? get over yourself, precious.

    69. Who cares, nobody plays apex for its story/characters

    70. LGBTQ Characters Are Important!! This is obvious!

      L – Get a bonus to move speed
      G – Have bonus Health
      B – Get damage boost
      T – Have a special clocking ability
      Q – Receive bonus starting equipment

    71. This is a disgusting slanderous article. You people should be ashamed and I hope you get sued. This isn’t going to end well for you.

    72. Just jumped in here to see if the article was still up after The Quartering posted his video. I gotta give it to you all Esacapist, you got some grit to you considering TQ has 100% of winning this in court, which is going to happen and everyday its up means more money you and your audience will have to pay him lol

    73. Alright, how do you explore LGBTQ identity in Apex Legends?

      Where and when did The Quartering say “…queer people shouldn’t be present or discussed at all.”?

    74. I am a big fan of the Amazing Lucas so in his defense, I don’t detect any hate nor homophobia. Lucas always tries to be fair. All bloggers and vloggers have a view.. I am a freedom guy who is happy to see all good people represented in a positive light. Life is too short to demonize anyone. I back away from virtue signaling and identity politics as I aim to unify not divide. The division is rightfully placed between problem solvers and problem generators… all the best to all who view.

    75. I’m so very confused by this sort of article. I could see this sort of stance if it were regarding race perhaps, since that’s something that can be visually apparent. However saying that LGBTQ characters in a game like this is important is just as confusing as if I read an article stating that heterosexual characters in Apex Legends are important… Would it not make more sense for characters in a video game of all things to simply not have a pointed sexual orientation at all. That way people can simply identify the character however they choose, if that’s something that’s important to them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I can certainly see why people are starting to say things like this are political.

    76. This is a nothing article with a side of delusion including malice and ignorance for desert. If you don’t want to be mocked as a urinalist, learn to code, wash dishes or join the military. The alternative, of course, is finding a job at which you would be good. But since you have no sense of quality or value of other people you won’t be able to detect these things in yourself. As you climax in the ecstasy of your imagined superior virtue remember this: “The only useful moral compass is the one that leads us to prolong the survival of the human race.”
      You’ve never studied the historic effects of free speech, homosexuality, or courtesy on human civilization. You’ve simply chosen to parrot nonsense that you’ve been taught will gain you validation, a very shallow and self-centered way to live.

      1. “If you need help proofreading I am pretty good at it.”
        Joseph Crosby Mecham commenting on The Bribe of my Sister: an incest story from Sandra.
        Did Sandra end up leting you proof read their incest porn Joe?

    77. What the fuck is it with right wing people and screaming about free speech until someone criticizes someone they like, and then they’re all about libel lawstuits? Go ahead, and sue, it wouldn’t have a shot in hell ya dolts.

      1. Well see there is that bit about Free Speech where the only speech not legally protected is specifically liable and slander… so… ya…

      2. Because useful idiots like you silence all discussion so the authoritarians get into power and use your demands of silence to silence everybody and then we end up in a fascist or communist society and everyone’s fucked.

    78. It’s funny that you say “direct evidence” and then proceed to reword The Quartering’s statements to fit your childish tirade. This proves how seldom many on the left are willing to actually listen to the other side and understand, rather than blindly (and with great hubris) force your point on others.

      I’ve watched many of The Quartering’s videos and this garbage article is blatant libel. Last time I checked, libel is illegal. Probably better take the article down and issue an apology.

    79. The quartering made a response to this article. I agree with him. I remember quite well when Mass effect 3 put different types of relationships in the game. Some people are just prejudicial and attacked the decision. But it was not clear why they did it. Well, I didn’t care. In fact, I liked it. It was interesting that I could pick some options I would never pick in real life. And I did it. I played it. My female Shepard had quite a few relationships with males and females.(Female shepard has the best voice actress ever, Change my mind); I also played once with male shepard and got it going with Kaidan. It was interesting because I saved him in the first game the first time I played.

      It was really, really ok with it. it felt totally natural.This is not how it feels when a battle royale with NO STORY pushed a narrative about sexuality. A game for CHILDREN.
      It is insane. Children should learn about sexuality at home and school, not in a damn game.

      there is a difference between a game having naturally developed options that fit the story and make sense considering the reality of the world, and a game that has a political and ideological agenda pushed in to it for the sake of wokeness.
      The first makes the game whole, makes the game better. The second will make people pissed off, because they don’t want virtual signaling and politically charged decisions in the games they play.

      There is room for games with politics in it, but they shoud expect backlash from people who are sick and tired of social justice activists trying to change the games they mostly never play (Like Sarkeesian);

      You’ll probably delete this comment even though it is in support of LGBTQ+ people and their rights. Because some people are just as mad as the religious extremists and the far right, but they are on the left.

    80. What a load of crap 💩💩💩

    81. Hahaha!! LGBTQ represents less than 1% of a population of over 300 million and you think you’re supposed to be represented in every faction of life ever presented? Get over yourselves! That’s where the problem starts with you, you don’t want actually equality, you want to be made to feel special. GET OVER YOURSELF, CUPCAKE!! No one cares until you try to shove it in their face.

    82. Riley Constantine better have a good lawyer. If you think you can get away with your lies and hate speech you are wrong. I hear there is a go fund me being set up for the Quartering and YOU WILL BE FORCED TO RECANT YOUR LIES! However if you feel strongly about you lies and money isn’t an issue then sit back and get ready to pay up!

    83. If this was a singleplayer game and they were gay that’s fine the story could revolve around that. This has no story it makes no sense to make these characters who are practically soulless to be gay, they are just putting a GAY! Sticker on them and that makes you people happy? I’d be pushing for a LGBTQ character in a single player game if you actually wanted to make a difference.

    84. “The Quartering makes a similar “argument,” but in true provocateur fashion he uses the “political” dog whistle more frequently.” I actually watched that video to quote the video. “The game’s industry abuses fake wokeness to get clicks, and they don’t really care about inclusion at all. They care about getting free clicks.” This is honestly the truest statement i have heard, its just marketing tactics the big company used to get the LGBTQ community interested in the game.

      1. Buy clicks? What kind of “Click” is EA trying to get?

    85. You know, It’s not really a wise Idea to pull comments out of context to slander and cost someone thousands of dollars. It would be in your best interest to update the article with an apology. The Quartering did not say these things. But even if he hypotheticaly did, who cares. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I hope he files a law suit.

    86. As a homosexual, I have been subscribed for almost a year and never did he say he hated gays or trans or LGBT people, so im not associated with them. Honestly people like you are the reason why I left the group in the first place, you whine and whine about somone with a different opinion and proceed to slander them.

      I myself also dont want games to explore lgbt identity, i just want a fun game with characters that i like and find relatable on an EMOTIONAL level, not a sexual level or whatever, because when i play video games im there to have a good time, none of this political stuff.

    87. Video game studios have no obligation to make you feel good about your identity. Their purpose is to entertain, not to advocate a particular ideology.

    88. You better fix the article and apologize to The Quartering, you flat out lied in the article.

    89. Congrats Escapist Your Being Sued Now.

    90. There’s no reason to give a shit about sexual orientation or sex in games like Apex Legends. You spawn, look for loot, kill or be killed. The end.

      Why don’t we have every game character in every game be patched to greet by saying their name, their sex, and their sexual orientation then continue on with many hours of gameplay and story that will display how none of that information was relevant.

      I guess I’ll go back and give minecraft a 1/10 because the character’s sexuality is so critical that it just made the whole experience completely confusing because I couldn’t imagine the character’s reproductive organs nor could I decide how I could possibly develop a love story since mojang never announced the character’s sexual orientation.

      There are plenty of platforms where you can spread awareness of how more than one sexual orientation exists in the world, but trying to push it on video games is as ridiculous as wanting every fast food worker to greet each customer with “Welcome to Burger King. I’m bisexual and I identify as female.” The customer just wants a fucking whopper just like the gamer just wants to shoot things and level up.

    91. Beneath the veneer of politically correct language, The Amazing Lucas
      and The Quartering are making a clear statement: “We don’t want to
      explore LGBTQ identity in video games.” By saying the mere presence of
      LGBTQ people or characters is political or pandering, they’re really
      saying queer people shouldn’t be present or discussed at all. Per The
      Amazing Lucas: “Get your agenda, propaganda, and politics out of my
      games.” In other words: Don’t be gay here. Not in video games or on

      You are putting words in other people’s mouth. There is a lawsuit being prepared against you as we speak.

    92. Video games are supposed to be an escape from political agenda and yes I’m a lesbian who doesn’t like to force feed my lifestyle onto others. Just like I don’t want to be force fed religion. People should have that right to disagree with me or my lifestyle without repercussions. That’s called freedom. That being said get ready for a libel case.

    93. I see the Escapist is CENSORING comments that don’t agree with their Leftist Socialist views. Shows who the Naziss are doesn’t it?

      1. It’s fascism that’s what PC culture does is limit speech and freedom of expression.

    94. What ever you are or prefere to be or be with in persue of hapiness of love
      Does not matter to me, it is characters that counts. Making wild statements that Hurt People and are taken out of context or vicious lies and state them as facts is beneath all. (Ref. To the Quartering)Accepting People does not mean you to have push it where it is not relevant for the characters. we are all one Off a kind.Identifying with a robot and no backstory/developping storm in my opinie is Just wannabe be Hip!

    95. This is pretty serious. I don’t know if you realized the consequences of writing an article without fully checking if your argument held with actual facts instead of just your interpretation of what Jeremy said.

    96. Wow, the amount of blatent lies in this article is disgusting, this is basically just a smear job done to the quartering. None of your accusations are true, and btw, you guys definatly are unrinalists, the only reason you even talk about LGBTQ is becuase it gets clicks for controversy, constantly using it as a political and not caring about the people themselves, it’s disgusting

    97. Article, contains lies/slander.

      Hope the Escapist removes this article or I just can’t visit this site in good faith.

    98. you should be fired after this straight up lie. what a garbage article

    99. Wow. The delusion of the author is astounding. Why is it wrong to not want something in a game? Whether it’s LGBTQ, religion, politics, race relations, sports, racing…. why is it wrong not to be interested in a particular topic.

      Further, no one has ever banned anyone or anything from video games! If you want a game with X in it… no one is stopping your from making it. It’s like requiring people to eat butter with popcorn…. not everyone likes butter with their popcorn.

      If someone doesn’t want X in a game, they may not enjoy it if X is in it. They may not buy the next iteration of the game if they do not remove X. If I was the maker, I would want to know what my customers want. What X happens to be is irrelevant.

      The fact that the topic is LGBTQ is irrelivent. It’s no different than not wanting cooking or tennis or cars in your baseball video game. Nobody is saying you have to put straight cis whatever in a game, what makes this different… and if you complain your evil.

      What is wrong with not being interested in a particular love, gender, sexual act, ect?

      This is absolutly insane!!!

    100. “Public visibility, inclusion, and representation in media helps take the weight off our shoulders.”

      As a member of the LGBTQ community (I absolutely hate that term – I am a member of the human race) I and my friends don’t have any “weight” to be lifted off our shoulders. I don’t wave my sexuality in front of my friends and acquaintances as some sort of passive aggressive badge of honor.

      Most of us do not care for games making overt statements about our sexuality. What we do care about is the game plays well, is enjoyable, and is complete. The only people that “care” about these issues are triggered journalists like yourself that use these non-issues to gain attention.

    101. hatchet job… Shame on you Riley for trying to hurt an honest man that did nothing wrong.

    102. Regardless of your opinion on this topic, the fact is blatant lies are in this article…that is not how a journalist should act…i would not be suprised if this website gets sued. Would be a pretty easy case

      1. They are pretty much begging to be sued.

        1. I hope they do

    103. I don’t know what is worse, the supposed and implied “political dog whistles” you talk about, or your blatant hate speech against straight people. Oh, and you are using political dog whistles as well.

      Said that, the problem is that labels like gay, black, female, etc, should just be part of what the character is, not something that defines them.

      A real display of LGBT sympathy and awareness would be to have a LGBT character in a character driven story, and where it is just part of who he/she is and not his/her defining trait.

      This is like the times when the media pandered to certain sectors by having black/asian/etc characters just to say they were progressive. It hurts the cause more than it helps.

      And in before somebody says i’m putting words in her mouth, she did the same to those two youtubers.

      1. The problem with Riley is she can’t seem to talk about these issues objectively and is translating her own traumatic life transitioning from male to female to a game that the majority of us simply play for fun.

        Even worse there is no strong narrative in Apex to support any sort of deep and meaningful LGBTQ storyline. Apex at its core is yet another battle royale FPS game designed to line EA’s coffers with money from kids parents wallets. To give it some sort of deep meaning simply because of a couple of character descriptions is disingenuous.

    104. I hope The Quartering does proceed with legal action against The Escapist. This is probably the worst example of a “journalist” purposely misquoting source material to push the SJW agenda. The Escapist really has fallen to new lows simply to get page views and clicks. Absolutely shameful.

    105. you realize he can sue you for slander and damages against his business and i watched the video you talked about and he clearly says that sexual orientation is not important that is why being gay isnt important and hes right. some of the best gay characters are the ones where there sexuality isnt flaunted. Gays dont want to be put on a pedestal, they want to be treated like what they are and that is normal and flaunting them is just as bad as descrimination because it makes them seem unrealistic.

      You basically are slandering the Quartering and you should really apologize and take this article down

    106. No less or no more important than straight characters. Being Gay or Straight doesn’t make you special in any sense. Characters Sexual orientations don’t sell video games.

    107. Either way this just a hit piece through and through.

    108. Apparently a certain whiny bitch is threatening to sue over this article. Not to name names, but fuck that guy with a sandpaper condom.

    109. I love how everyone is proving her point by getting violently angry at the notion that people out there appreciate LGBTQ characters like this, becoming red-faced angry in insisting “I DON’T FUCKING CARE ABOUT THAT SHIT, STFU AND KEEP IT OUT OF MY FACE >:(”

      Don’t pop all your blood vessels all at once, guys, LMAO.

    110. Because the sexuality of character in non story driven game is so important, the quartering hates gays? Really? People give him shit for not hating the lbgt community. But hey, you guys have hurt feelings and fading relevancy so you’ll do anything at this point right?

    111. This is a disgusting article and you are a terrible journalist. It is pretty clear that your awful writing is an outlet for your own anger as evidenced by the second to last paragraph. Now that I have that out of the way, it is obvious that Apex Legends is just pandering for social media brownie points. Arbitrarily assigning sexual preferences to characters in an fps doesn’t enrich the gameplay. Your arguing that this is somehow a great victory for the gay community is ludicrous. The Apex Legends devs just threw some scraps from the table and you jealously gobble them up like a dog.

    112. This is one bad “article”. This is full of attacks and judgements that are full of instigation or are out of context. Also deleting the highest rated comment is not a good look

    113. WTF is wrong with you Riley Constantine. You make shit articles with fake statements. The Quartering never said those things.

    114. What bullshit ! The sex/gender of a character in a battle royale game couldn’t be less important you hack.

    115. Isn’t it, at least to some degree, disrespectful, in a game that very clearly doesn’t explore ANY story at all, to just throw in the LGBTQ thing for free PR?
      If a game did that, with a character that has just SOME story to them, it could make sense, but here there’s NOTHING to explore when it comes to their lore, in the game. How is this serving anyone, but Respawn, to gain free press?
      If Respawn made a story driven game with an LGBTQ protagonist, where it matters what sexual preference he/she/it has, then you can talk about important representation, but in Apex? Might as well have been rocket league coming out and saying that their Maradur chassis (I don’t know if that is actually a thing) is gay or bisexual.

      This is the text book definition of using something for their own gains. I personally don’t care, but saying it’s important and people who don’t care are evil gay hating sociopaths, is an absolutely close-minded idiotic narrative.

    116. all you SJW, LGBT people need to go to an asylum..shame

      1. Preferably to an Islamic State which they support over Trump,

    117. If you search Quarterpounders tweets there’s one where he explicitly says he wouldn’t keep playing Apex because it has LGBTQ characters.
      Not homophobic? Suuuure tubs.

    118. Great urinalism here ladies and gents

    119. “Apex Legends’ LGBTQ Characters Are Important”

      Exactly why? It’s not a story-driven game. It’s a mindless Battle Royale game. No one plays those for the story or characters. Their gender, sexual orientation, race, favorite color, job, taste in movies, political party allegiance, choice of gaming platform, attitude towards law enforcement or mathematical knowledge have all the same amount of importance: zero.

      If you were talking about, say, a graphic adventure, a visual novel or perhaps an RPG you might have a point, but in a Battle Royale game? You’re just looking for stuff to complain about. And, from what I hear, apparently resorting to libel to do it.

      Yeah, good work here, Escapist. Good job keeping the same attitude that caused your downfall years ago.

    120. What is this?… I’ve been a big fan of the site for near a decade, but what the heck is this??.. nobody is waiting for this.

      Goodbye, Escapist. Get woke…. you know the rest.

    121. As a proud gay man I feel upset that the gaming industry doesn’t include me. #IStandWithBrieLarson.

      1. ??? Why would you care? I mean it is a freaking game. No gamer cares if the character is gay,purple,alien or a moth just as long as it plays good.

    122. This article is drivel. You’re writing fiction. The Quartering has said he doesn’t care about a characters sexuality *unless it is relevant to the story*. If he said these things about Gone Home you would be on point. Apex Legends is a battle royale game with no campaign. Get a clue.

    123. This article is BS. Most gamers play games not caring one way or the other if their character is gay. 2) I have watched every single video from The Quartering and found nothing against LGBT. You lie and for some reason target The Quartering? I know there are other Youtubers out there that are not too fond of the LGBT but The Quartering is not one of them. I give two ***ks about gay characters in games and guess what??? I am a Lesbian who just want to play a game without all the BS you journalist try to dream up. I hope he sues you for the untruth you just spewed from your own imagination.

    124. I’m sorry but this article couldn’t be any further from the truth. The Quartering is not a homophobe, nor does he hate gay people nor has he ever stated that they shouldn’t be represented in video games. I agree with him that it’s perfectly fine to represent people of all kinds in games, but it shouldn’t be done just for the sake of “hey look at how progressive we are because we put an LGBTQ character in our game”. Look at a game like Mass Effect. The player could choose to be whatever they wanted to be. Nobody complained about that because it wasn’t forced, and it wasn’t done as some form of virtue signalling. It was part of each individual player’s story based on their own choices. That to me is far more powerful than deciding some fictional character, in an arena battle game devoid of story, is LGBTQ.

      I have zero issues with having gay characters in video games, but it shouldn’t be something that’s done just to try and appear to be progressive, or to cater to an agenda.

      This article is blatant slander, takes things totally out of context, makes asinine assumptions, and is flat out insulting. You tell bold-faced lies about things the Quartering has said, and are using your journalistic medium to slander someone because you’re offended by someone else having an opinion that you don’t agree with. Grow up. You could’ve written an article about the importance of this to you personally, without trying to slander other people in the process. I could’ve sat here and read that and tried to see your perspective even if I disagreed with some of your views, instead you spend half the article slandering people, and then going on a diatribe about the government, police, etc… that had nothing to do with video games.

      This is all funny when the website you write for is called The Escapist… Ironic because video games are supposed to be an escape from the stresses of our everyday lives. Instead people are dragging the issues from our everyday lives, the politics, social issues, etc… into gaming and to be quite honest I’m tired of it. I just want to play games, minus the politics. I couldn’t care less about the sexual orientation of the fictional character in a video game that I am playing as is.

    125. I kinda miss the times when the sexual orientation of game characters was simply considered a negligible fact in videogames… Hell for all we know Duke Nukem could be bisexual or even a transgender (who kinda overdosed on the testosterone a bit…). It just seems to be a trend to overexplain everything nowadays in games and movies and leave nothing to the consumers imagination.

      And the “forced inclusion” of LGBTQ characters into games where the sexual orientation is of no importance whatsoever concerning gameplay/story has reached a point now where it does feel like an outright abuse of LGBTQ people for free marketing through woke journalists media attention… Jeremy really has a point there… A point that anybody who truly cares about LGBTQ people should at least be able to understand if not agree with. I mean game developers are basically saying “We care so much about the LGBTQ community and their representation that we are going to shamelessly instrumentalize them for our own purposes!” and everybody thinks that’s something awesome?
      Please just leave these poor gay and transgender people alone and let them live their lives!

    126. Really? This is how “urinalism” is done these days?

    127. I don’t know where people got the idea that a game characters sexuality is important, but, you’re all idiots for having that opinion. To make matters worse, feeling like your sexuality needs to be validated by a game developer shows a severe lack of self-esteem on your part. It’s also a bit cringeworthy, to be honest. Just shut up and play the game.

      1. It all boils down to a bunch of people feeling left out and trying their hardest to force there way into a scene that honestly never needed them to be in in it,,, don’t care if that “offends” someone really don’t, i don’t care if tracer is a rug muncher, shes a rubbish choice for my play style that’s why i don’t play as her, i never sat in my chair and thought “hey, you know what, because she likes fanny i don’t want to play as her, no one even needed to know if she dined on the muff pie or not it serves no addition to the games quality.

    128. An alternative for gaming news and reviews focused on games, not social activism.

    129. “We don’t want to explore LGBTQ identity in video games.”

      95% of Gamers in Apex Legends are kids under 12yrs. They dont either.

    130. I dont understand. You are randomly calling youtubers bigots? You dont even cite a reason why. Not one. Is there a reason for this? Sorry, but you need “this many” woke points to keep your job as left-winged nutjob. Unfortunately for you, your skin color matches the people you are crusading against.

    131. This is gross crap. this is dumb shit for clicks no one cares about the sex habits of fictional battle royal characters. Or you for that matter. Go to hell. You are trans. No one cares.

    132. Im so sick of straight chicks thinkng they speak for gay people. Shut the fuck up becky

    133. What an angry, vile “article”

    134. You gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants maybe? Gonna shit and cum?

    135. Sorry but I wasted several minutes reading this article and I couldn’t help but come to the conclusion of “who cares.” being lgbt in a video game is not important. Neither is being straight. The ONLY time it should be important is if it is relevant to the story which in the case of most games, it’s not. In an RPG you’ll occasionally meet someone who is gay or lesbian and you have to do a quest to help them, that there is one example of relevancy. But having them be gay or trans just to be gay or trans does not add to the games value whatsoever.

      1. They have to claim perpetual victimhood status or else their self-esteem falls apart when they have to look themselves in the mirror.

    136. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Yo thanks for the hit piece Crimson Chin, I’m kinda flattered tbh.

    137. As a member of the LGBTQ community openly for over a decade, I want to publicly state that Riley Constantine in no way, shape or form represents my thoughts and feelings in this matter. I talked with Jeremy Hambly a number of times, he was nothing if not polite, cultured and kind. Never had he said or done anything warranting this kind of slanderous, misguided hit piece. I am disgusted with Riley Constantine and editor-in-chief of The Escapist Magazine for publishing these lies. From me, whatever it is worth, I’m sorry Jeremy.
      As for my message to the Escapist Magazine – please fire Riley Constantine and remove all her contributions to the website as her misrepresentation of LGBTQ community is damaging and unwanted. Her personal feelings in the matter, as a transgender woman, overshadow the facts and that isn’t journalism, that’s projecting. This “article” belongs on a personal blog, not in a gaming magazine, that is exactly why I don’t mind Jeremy calling people who write this way “game’s urinalists” as it is well deserved, the point Riley has proven herself by writing the above.

      1. Didn’t you get the memo mate? The LGBTQ community is suppose to be a have mind and have their sexuality be the only main identifying feature of their individuality… /s

        For real though I hear ya. I don’t think there has ever been a group spoken on the behalf of and had other people represent them more then has happened the the LGBTQ community. It’s like all these people don’t think LGBTQ community is filled with individuals who have their own thoughts and feelings like everyone else.

    138. You should be ashamed of yourself for this article. Try doing some real journalist work but im sure you are incapable of doing so.

    139. I hope the Quartering and The Amazing Lucas sue the shit out of y’all for slander. I have no problem at all with gays or anything people choose to do as long as it doesn’t negatively effect me personally. Y’all have decided to slander people with no care of the effects of peoples safety. I watch his videos and Ive NEVER heard him say anything like what you have wrote, RILEY! Be a real Journalist or continue being a urinalists

    140. “Diversity is Apex Legends’ greatest asset.”

      Why? Because you see gender and race and sexuality as more important than gameplay and story

      “LGBTQ people are rarely represented in any medium, let alone games, and when they are portrayed it’s rarely done in a positive or compassionate manner. All too often queer characters are portrayed as villains such as Silva in Skyfall or Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs”

      You are clearly bonkers. LGBTQ are over-represented proportional to population. And it’s almost always done in a positive light, those two examples are the only examples and one was from the 90s.

      “The Amazing Lucas and The Quartering are making a clear statement: “We don’t want to explore LGBTQ identity in video games.”

      Games are entertainment not vehicles for social issues. In this case the sexuality of these characters is imaterial as there’s no story, they shouldn’t be labelled straight or gay, cis or trans because it doesn’t factor in at all to the game in any way. It was only done to pander to people such as this author. If the game had a story and the character had a relationship then them being was gay would be a factor and if it was a quality story people wouldn’t care, but if it doesn’t then sexuality doesn’t need to be mentioned no matter the sexuality.

      I’m in a wheelchair, I was born with a rare illness. You don’t see me or others like me demanding representation because our illness doesn’t define us, we don’t fixate on it and demand others notice us and most importantly we aren’t the majority and that’s what entertainment media sell to

    141. As others here have commented: This is a game about not real people running around shooting each other. Who or what they rub uglies with is so incredibly irrelevant that it boggles the mind.

      and yet you complain when game reviewers and youtubers say that they aren’t interested in ‘exploring LGBT identities’ – because how dare they not share you fringe interest?

      To compound things you add to your article tidbits about your personal life and how your family doesn’t like your LGBT status – what on earth does that have to do about this game? It sounds more like you’re using a gaming article to complain about family members who have been mean to you. While that is sad, it is completely irrelevant, and only further devalues the content of this site.

      I feel sorry that you have it rough – but this is not the place to complain about that. Get a personal blog, and do what the Quartering said: Separate your politics from your game reviewing. It’s not that hard.

    142. I didn’t read any of that. But it’s 10:56am and I’m triggered!

    143. And hereon out I thought this was a news site for games. Yet the author wrote an almost entire article about political stuff. Let me get this straight: Apex Legends is a battle royale game with no story campaign or something similar, so the game having LGBTQ characters isn’t as important as she claims it is. If you look on games like Mass Effect, The Witcher or even Elder Scrolls, it could be more relevant, but in this case, it just isn’t. Period.

    144. when the quartering says “see, seperating reviews and politics isnt that hard” what he really means is “see when you do political articles dsiguised as game reviews you should at least include some game review in there.”

      i mean how many “game” sites never say anything about games unless something is politicial about them. and many devs include lgbqt characters to get journalists on their side. i mean come on, escapist, you know this happens.

      you are acting like it doesnt and worse you are acting like the readers and game customers are too dumb to notice(i hate the word gamer cause its such a commercialism). would these characters orientation have ever been announced if not for the atmosphere in games? no.

      you could make any character you want gay or straight in your own mind. the unvoiced protagonist is a staple of games because it lets the player taylor the character to their own tastes. lgbt players have had lgtb characters for years because they characters are whatever you want them to be.

      there is a difference between being hateful towards these groups and just noticing that game journalists only wanna talk about these groups and not the games themselves. get some more liberal minded journalists to actually play the games and talk about them and then slip in some of the political stuff and you will get a much better reaction.

      but quite a few of them dont even care about the games. thats what these people are mad about. you couldnt hack it in the real literary world and you see a place to make a living and all you have to do is pretend to have an interest in games. why not? but youre imposters in a space that many people hold very dear. thats a recipe for disaster.

      and whats worse you treat your own audience with disdain. you talk down to anybodyt hat would notice “hey, nobody talks about the games, just politics? why is that?” and you come back with “because youre a bigot and you arent as smart or cultured as me.”

      if the quartering, etc are bigots and “queer haters” then stop driving people who are actually interested int he games to them by providing content about GAMES instead of lgbt news interspersed with a bigot witch hunt on anybody that dares question you.

    145. that’s because this is the EXACT definition of freaking pandering it was done for brownie points it doesn’t matter if the characters are gay this isn’t even a story based game hell the characters don’t even have real dam names you could say absolutely anything about the characters and there would be no product from it. saying someones gay isn’t character development or a special trait and whats with the use of *cisgendered heterosexual men* is it a crime to be straight now or just a regular guy. this is why the new assassins creed got trashed by people they tried to be “inclusive’ thinking it to be an easy tasks and forgot to think about what they where doing and messed up

    146. but this is a straight up bullshit article. I seriously can’t deal with the escapist anymore. Only thing worth taking note of anymore is ZP videos.

      This comes across as desperate with a clear agenda. Keep your pandering out of my news please ffs

      1. ZP videos were the only thing worth taking note of before the Escapist nearly tanked. Nothing has really changed.

    147. You know, Night in the woods was an absolutely fantastic game that had LGBT characters and themes in it. It had a great story and presented the sexuality of Gregg and Angus up front from the very beginning of the game. How come we don’t have more games like that?

    148. “We exist and deserve to be represented. Deal with it.”

      No one is saying otherwise. There is absoluting NOTHING wrong with having LGBTQ characters in a game as long as that’s their part in the story. In a game like Apex Legends, there is no story, therefore there are no LGBTQ, or “straight” characters either because there are no characters in the game at all, only avatars.

      1. What’s wrong with giving context to the characters you play as? If what you were saying were true, the game could’ve chosen to use blank avatars like in PUBG or Fortnite. But they didn’t, they choose to make a selection of characters with actual backgrounds and personalities to them. Some of them they choose to make LGBTIQ, and what is wrong with that?

      2. and avatars fit better if they match the player in someway. this basic media literacy 101, ding dong

        1. Avatars, by definition are representative of the players in the game, but they have no backstory, lore, etc, except if the player wishes to roleplay that avatar a certain way. I can select Gibraltar in Apex Legends and roleplay him as a straight cis male if I wish, and that is just as valid as playing him as gay.

    149. this is really toilet journaling the lies and slander is the only way you want to get views one your article its disgusting and you bring a men in danger every opinion with you people is homophobic ore racist if its not the same as yours this is exactly the reason your magazines view’s are so bad its sickening making every game political leaf the gamers alone and stop writing about things you don’t no nothing about i hope he sues you for slander and that your magazine goes out of business urnelist

      1. Journaling implies they record actual events or facts. I see none here.

    150. At this point, I’m convinced they write this drivel purely cause of the attention seeking, pandering, and the rinse-repeat safety nets of narratives, not to mention, advertising dollars.

      I miss the days of G4 T.V. Say what you will about it, but it was just about games, for all of us. Gay, straight, black or white, young, old, male or female. Not one second of politics, unless it had to do with the fictional lore of whatever I.P. they were discussing.

      This world fucking sucks, people suck, and we’re just doing nothing but what humanity has done with shit since we’ve been around, taking nice things, and fucking destroying them.

      Un-subbed and un-followed everything to do with The Escapist.

      1. All the fucked up shit people do and you whine about “They took my video games! Wahhh!” Yeah you can fuck right off.

    151. I’ve never understood the SJW’s in gaming obsession with the Quartering.
      And when they call him all these NPC buzzwords it’s obvious they’ve never seen any of his content.
      Another thing. Why is everything in games “journalism” all of the sudden centered around race and sexual orientation.
      The Idea of “toxic white gamers” is so ridiculous it’s laughable.

    152. Yes, I’m sure the LGTB community has gained a LOT of traction thanks to a f2p battle royal game.

      P.S. You’re a dirty liar. 🙂

    153. You guys keep talking about dog whistles, but the only ones who respond to them are you all. Are you sure you aren’t the ones who are projecting? Like you got so much hate in your heart, that you don’t even realize it. And it taints everything you you come near. Let it go before it destroys you.

    154. My favorite character is Toxic. Sorry, I mean, his name is Caustic. I call him that, because as the whitest guy in the game he’s the embodiment of Toxic Masculinity. He can also be considered a troll, like a lot of white men in the internet these days! Topical! Everyone is represented in this game!

    155. I just don’t see the point in representing anything unless its paramount to the gameplay, and its not. The problem is, is that the focus of the character’s is their gender identity and not personality, or past career, or anything.. People are focusing on this. Its sad. Its really sad.

      1. When you’re down, you need to keep taking your victories where you can find them. Celebrating baby steps can be a way to gather forces to achieve bigger victories in the future. These representations are not enough, but it sets a standard of “this is not enough”. Before that there simply was nothing, the standard was erasing and ignoring.

    156. You know you’re in for a treat, when you have an article that includes demeaning words, such as “disingenuous troglodytes” or “cisgender heterosexual men”. Really shows that you hate guys who identify both as the sex/gender they were born with AND who they sleep with.

      1. White neanderthal.

    157. I really feel how gay Gibraltar is when I play him, it’s just so immersive being a straight man in the world of a gay male for the duration of the game.

      1. Wait, the big guy is gay? I didn’t even notice. And honestly it really should be that way.

        1. Apparently so. I didn’t know either- that was the joke.

    158. As someone who isnt LGBTQ, yeah its nice to see. I could have sworn mirage was LGBTQ or maybe im just getting HUGE bi vibes from. The character design in the game is really fantastic, especially since Respawn is best known for CoD which has……characters i guess? Soap? Was that his name?

      1. Respawn didn’t develop any CoD games, it was founded by two guys who got fired from Infinity Ward. (And to be fair to Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare’s main characters are probably the best in the series, especially Price)

    159. I thought it was great that the 2 players my brother and I gravitate towards playing are black women. I also appreciate the fact that their LGBTQ representation expands beyond the usual “lesbian only” theme that some games take up.

    160. Good god, when are you going to get it through your heads that the majority of humanity does not give a shit who you sleep with. This is a non story driven game. I agree its good to see LGBT characters in games. But this asinine insistence that the majority of characters in a game have to be written as queer in order for you all to feel like your existence is validated is fucking insane. If your defining characteristic in life is where you put your genitals in your free time I really feel sad for you. I’m not objecting to APEX’s character decisions, I could give a fuck. If you still think you are underrepresented in games you are not paying attention. Every game I can think of in the last couple years has queer characters in it. APEX took it to a extreme that makes it clear they are just pandering to your community. If you are OK with that, well you be you. The rest of us will just mock them, and by extension, you, for caring so very deeply about what ought to be a relatively minor part of a character’s persona in a game with absolutely no story whatsoever.

    161. What a load of trite… So if the game was exactly the same but without the LGBT characters it would be worse? Nevermind that LGBT probably only makes up 1% of the general population, and its probably a smaller number in gaming only, so its not really diversity as it is over representation <--- Which I have no problems with because i dont give a fuck what the gender/sexuality of a fictional character is, specially in a game where that doesnt have any expression in gameplay whatsoever. This article is literally a useless amalgamation of characters that will soon be forgotten by all, disapearing into the void of virtue signalling and pandering echo chamber that these outlets and social media has become. When the paradigm shifts, and people are cleansed of this madness that is political correctness, they'll look back at ideas like the ones expressed here and say "Well that was a stupid waste of time", just as me writing this comment that mods will delete was... Such is life

    162. “a contingent of disingenuous troglodytes”
      This is the best word choice I have ever seen to refer to these people. Riley I love you.
      But in all seriousness, the fact that the mere existence of queer people is considered political is at the crux of the problem in the first place. This is why we need more representation: we need to normalize being queer enough that it becomes a non-issue and is no longer seen as any different from having a black character or any other minority (though unfortunately, there are also contingents of disingenuous troglodytes–seriously, thank you so much for giving me this phrase–who will complain about THEM, too).
      As I keep saying over and over in so many different places, though: there is literally no downside to having queer (or other minority) representation in your game. We have way more than enough stories about heterosexual cisgender white dudes; the more diversity in your characters, the more of the sum total of human experience you can explore, and the more interesting stories you can tell. When you actually have the balls to make queer characters, if you put in the work to do it right, you can make even better games.

      1. Or…. You can make characters who identify as whatever, or have whatever orientation… Just don’t try to make it out as if that’s the only identity the character has?

        I honestly wouldn’t have cared so much if they wouldn’t have been advertising it as “Look at our gay characters, look how gay they are! Play our game because we have gay characters!”. It’s laughable, really, and any outlet that insults people who seem to have a “I don’t care, just stop shoving it as the only thing that is important about the character” is just absolutely pathetic.

        By the way, you mentioned that games need more representation. Okay, I identify myself as a cabbage, we need a character that is a sentient cabbage to represent people like me. Get to it!

        1. Actually, looking at most of your other comments, I just can’t help but think that you are one of those non-gamers who go about demanding representation, but don’t actually play the games. You are a joke. Good day to you, sir and/or ma’am!

    163. Excellent article. The more LGBTQ+ characters in games the better, particularly if they’re well-written, but more important is that they’re visible and representative. It’s a real shame that there is a little YouTube industry built around hatred of LGBTQ+ people and characters, but thankfully it’s a battle they’re destined to lose.

      1. I can’t speak to the YouTube community as a whole, but I can speak for myself. While I applaud Respawn for adding in LGBTQ+ characters that don’t feel forced, or an afterthought (looking at you Overwatch), I don’t personally care if A character has B sexual preference, or C gender.

        In a game like Apex, I prefer a focus on aesthetics, their skills and abilities, and how they perform in game, and maybe even a backstory as to how they got into such a position to be in this competition. I applaud Respawn for one of the single best Battle Royal experiences I’ve gotten my hands on, and for creating characters that are memorable, unique and don’t feel like they had to be forced in to push an agenda.

        Maybe these YouTubers think the same way, but have poorly chosen how to express that, maybe not. I haven’t seen such videos, but as good as this article is, some of the vitriol expressed (I believe) is the reason why people have such opinions.

        Game on! =D

      2. It looks like there’s a serious problem in this article’s comments section, EscapeGoat. Can we please get the pruning sheers in here and delete all the obvious harassment?

    164. If you truly believe that this is not just pandering, then I have a bridge to sell you. On Mars. It’s really cool bridge too.

      It makes no difference for gameplay, therefore it’s completely irrelevant. If it wasn’t for solid mechanics, no amount of “diversity” would make it a good game. So no, diversity is not Apex Legends’ best asset.

      1. Representation isn’t “pandering.” People like this actually exist and they deserve to see characters who reflect them.
        As I keep saying over and over in so many different places (including in my own comment above): there is literally no downside to having queer (or other minority) representation in your game. We have way more than enough stories about cisgender white dudes; the more diversity in your characters, the more of the sum total of human experience you can explore, and the more interesting stories you can tell. When you actually have the balls to make queer characters, if you actually put in the work to do it right, you can make even better games.

      2. if characters didnt matter and only gameplay, we’d all play as perfectly shaped manequins. Saves time right? why even BOTHER making characters if its just for shooting.

        This is patently ridiculous. FIghting games nailed a long time ago that character design and a bit of back story get people invested in your game.

      3. It’s the best asset because it’s saying something. That’s part of it being art. And good mechanics are subjective. Also a game can be shit or good for the same reason. Boring generic white guy with witty or depressed/jaded personality. It’s boring. We’ve seen it a million times. It’s uninspired, not creative.

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