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Valorant Is New Team-Based Shooter from Riot Games, Out This Summer

League of Legends developer Riot Games revealed a new character-based shooter this morning called Valorant. The tactical first-person shooter will feature five-on-five competitive matches and Riot says that creativity is players’ greatest weapon. As shown in the initial gameplay trailer, players won’t have to wait long to check it out as it will release this summer. Some brief gameplay of the team-based shooter was previously shown off last year, although it was just known under the code name of “Project A.”

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Much like League of Legends, Riot Games is making sure to cater towards competitive play with the shooter. Valorant will feature 128-tick servers, datacenters that will deliver less than 35ms of latency in major cities across the world, and a commitment against cheaters. They also revealed that they are making sure the game runs at least 30 frames per second (FPS) on minimum spec computers and will run anywhere from 60 to 144 FPS on modern gaming PCs.

Riot Games says that it wants the shooting in Valorant to be “precise, consequential, and highly lethal,” with headshots often being lethal. Their philosophy is that they don’t want luck impacting the end result, so strategy and skill is of the utmost importance. However, this won’t be a standard shooter as each character has their own set of hypernatural powers. “Everyone’s got guns and a unique set of abilities, so how do you beat someone with the speed of wind?” asks the developer on the official website. “Use your own moves to outplay them and beat them to the shot.”

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