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Valve says it wants to make more Half-Life games – and it doesn’t want to wait long before doing so. Speaking with IGN on the topic of the studio’s prequel game, Half-Life: Alyx, developers Chris Remo and Robin Walker said that Valve is excited to continue working on what might be its biggest (and most notorious) FPS franchise. Remo started, explaining that the team at Valve really enjoys working in its universe.

“As someone who’s only been [at Valve for] a couple years,” said Remo, “it is sort of amazing to come into contact with all this stuff that I recognize so deeply but see what it means in a modern context. That’s incredibly exciting and paints all kinds of pictures – they’re all hazy pictures, I don’t know what any of them are, but it feels like people are very excited about the Half-Life universe, for sure.”

On the topic of when fans can expect to see another game after Half-Life: Alyx is released, Walker explained that the team hopes to avoid another extremely long wait: “I hope we get to build more of it. I hope everyone (won’t) hate it and now we have to slink away and spend another 13 years trying to figure out what our next shot at the whole thing is. So yes, I hope you see more from us a lot sooner than last time.”

While the duo did not confirm whether or not another Half-Life game would result in the long-awaited Half-Life 3, more from the series will always be welcome. As Walker stated, there has been an astounding nearly 13-year wait in-between the release of the last entry in the series and the coming release of Half-Life: Alyx, making for quite the dramatic comeback.

There’s no telling if the next game in the series will be Half-Life 3, another prequel, or a spinoff, but until then, look forward to Half-Life: Alyx before it releases March 23.

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