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Vampire Survivors Animated Series in Works from John Wick Creator’s Studio

Game developer poncle is teaming up with Story Kitchen to create an animated TV show adaptation of poncle’s addictive and simplistic video game, Vampire Survivors, per Deadline. Story Kitchen will work on the series alongside the game studio’s founder Luca Galante, though a search for a writer and TV network is still on. In other words, the Vampire Survivors cartoon is still very early in development, and no plot details are available yet.

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Those who have played Vampire Survivors will note that the game isn’t exactly known for its story. Instead, poncle’s auto-attacking video game gives players a massive list of colorful characters with a dash of comedy thrown in. It’s certainly got charisma, but without a straightforward narrative, there’s no telling what story the animated TV series adaptation will tell.

For those unfamiliar with Story Kitchen, the studio was founded by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad, Sonic the Hedgehog producer Dmitri M. Johnson, and former APA agent and partner Mike Goldberg. It was founded last year but is already hard at work on bringing other gaming adaptations to life, including a Splinter Cell series at Netflix. Story Kitchen is also working on a ToeJam and Earl project at Amazon and a Streets of Rage project for Lionsgate. The studio also has Sifu and It Takes Two movies coming to Amazon, so suffice to stay that Story Kitchen is interested in video game adaptations.

News of a Vampire Survivors animated series is only the latest in a smorgasbord of wins for poncle. The indie studio’s viral time-waster proved to be an incredible success last year and is available to play on PC, mobile devices, and Xbox consoles. Late last year, poncle released its first DLC, Legacy of the Moonspell, with a follow-up content release titled Tides of the Foscari releasing just a couple weeks ago. Each pack included more content for players to get lost in, and with a Vampire Survivors animated TV show on the way, it’s clear that poncle will have more for players to sink their teeth into for a long time.

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