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What Are the Preorder Bonuses for Aliens: Dark Descent?

Here are all of the preorder bonuses for Aliens: Dark Descent, the single-player tactical strategy game from Tindalos & Focus Entertainment.

Aliens: Dark Descent arrives this June, putting you in charge of a group of marines who go up against the Xenomorphs. And if you’re looking forward to this real-time strategy game, you can preorder it right now. If you are wondering what the preorder bonuses for Aliens: Dark Descent are, here is the full answer.

All the Preorder Bonuses for Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent is launching on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. The PC version is digital-only, as has become the norm, but all the other formats are getting a physical release.

There is, however, only one preorder bonus: the Lethe Recon Pack. This has been confirmed as being available with digital preorders, though we’d expect it to also come with physical preorders.

The Lethe Recon Pack contains a Black Camo Armor Set for all your marines and an in-game pet, a ginger cat who looks a little like Jonesy, Ripley’s cat in Alien and Aliens. But as far as preorders and editions go, that’s it.

There are no store-exclusive preorders, and there are only two editions, physical and digital. We’re certainly very surprised that there’s no Aliens: Dark Descent collector’s edition. Aliens: Colonial Marines was not a good game, but we’ve still got fond memories of the rather cool Power Loader vs. Xenomorph statue you could buy it with.

So, the only preorder bonus for Aliens: Dark Descent, which releases June 20, 2023, is the cosmetic Lethe Recon Pack.

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