Here is when and what chapter exactly in Fire Emblem Engage that you unlock the Three Houses Bracelet DLC for Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude.

If you buy the Fire Emblem Engage DLC, you’ll be given a handful of outfits for your character once you reach the Somniel, but the other DLC won’t arrive until a few chapters into the game. In particular, you might be eager to play with Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude by your side, since they were main characters in the previous game — so here is when and what chapter exactly in Fire Emblem Engage that you unlock the Three Houses Bracelet DLC.

The Three Houses Bracelet Is Unlocked After Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem Engage

To acquire the Three Houses heroes for Fire Emblem Engage, you need an item called the Three Houses Bracelet, which is unlocked in Chapter 7.

After completing Chapter 6’s battle and watching the cutscenes, you can return to the Somniel. When you do, you’ll get a notification in the corner of your screen that something has been found at Lookout Ridge, and once you go there and walk far enough out, you’ll meet the Three Houses trio of lords.

It’s important that you complete Chapter 6’s fight before you try this because the Bracelet specifically unlocks when you reach Chapter 7, before the battle and after Chapter 6’s battle. If you’ve only just bought the DLC and haven’t yet rebooted your game, the DLC won’t be installed, and you’ll need to save the game and reboot to trigger the Lookout Ridge event.

If you start playing the game on another save file or even another profile on the same Switch, the DLC should trigger at the same point as long as you remember to return to the Somniel after Chapter 6’s battle.

After talking to Edelgard and the others, you’ll also be able to travel to the Divine Paralogues and recruit Tiki, as well as all the other future DLC characters as they release.

That’s everything you need to know about when and what chapter you can unlock the Three Houses Bracelet in Fire Emblem Engage.

Wondering how long you have to use these DLC heroes? Take a look at our guide to how many chapters there are in the game total. Do you need to have played any previous games in the Fire Emblem series to understand the plot of Engage? We also have the answer to that.

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