If you are wondering how long it takes to beat Fire Emblem Engage, here is what playtime you can expect for one playthrough.

Fire Emblem games have a long history of beefy, rich campaigns, with accompanying side missions and training quests to level up characters outside of the story. So here is how long the playtime of Fire Emblem Engage is by comparison.

Fire Emblem Engage Playtime Ranges Between 30 and 50 Hours, Depending on These Factors

While not as long as some past entries, Engage’s playtime can chart out anywhere from 30 hours to 50 hours. While this seems like an impressive gap, Fire Emblem Engage’s main quest storyline consists of 26 chapters. These missions range considerably in length, with earlier levels being quickly tackled in as few as 10 minutes, to later missions that can take over an hour.

In addition there are 15 Paralogues, which act as side missions where players can discover new characters and get special gear to strengthen units and improve their army. These are all optional missions that do not need to be played to complete the main story mode, though these Paralogues often offer some of the more complex and rich level designs and objectives, making them a must-play element of Fire Emblem Engage for the majority of gamers. Similarly to main missions, these can range from 20 to 60 minutes.

Your Fire Emblem Engage playtime will also depend heavily on the modes and difficulty that you are playing the game on. On Casual mode and Normal difficulty, players will likely be able to knock out missions without much trouble or need to replay them. But on higher difficulty levels and on Classic mode, players will not only have to be far more strategic, but might also be more inclined to restart a battle if a beloved NPC didn’t make it through the fight.

Overall, while playtime can vary based on how you’re approaching the game, you can expect to complete Fire Emblem Engage in at least 30-to-50 hours per playthrough.

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