As far as genre or just in terms of what kind of gameplay you can expect, here is the answer to what type of game Atomic Heart is.

Atomic Heart has you taking on a technological uprising in 1950s Soviet Russia, as you do. You’ll have to deal with androids, giant rolling robots, and mutant creatures that look like they’ve escaped from Resident Evil 4. But if you want to know exactly what type of game Atomic Heart is, here’s the answer.

Atomic Heart Is a First-Person Action Game with RPG Elements, a Little Like BioShock

You’ll employ a range of FPS-style weapons, in addition to using superpowers to take on your foes. But you’ll also have — amongst other things — a skill tree, so you can choose how your character develops.

Speaking of BioShock, there are also parallels between that game’s story and that of Atomic Heart. Both games feature a semi-utopian society, making use of a strange technology with rather questionable origins. And like in BioShock, things go horribly wrong.

However, while developer Mundfish recognizes that its game has things in common with BioShock, Doom, and more, it’s emphasized that the game is very much its own thing. Speaking to Wccftech, the team remarked that “our game will leave players with completely new feelings, and they will understand that the Atomic Heart stands out with a mix of intriguing stories, ruthless battles, and amazing segments with challenging puzzles.”

So to answer what type of game it is in terms of genre, Atomic Heart is a first-person action game with RPG elements — but developer Mundfish hopes people will draw their own conclusions.

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