When Will It Be Berserk’s Turn to Come Back?

Warning: The following article about Berserk features spoilers for several anime, including Bleach, Fairy Tail, and Trigun Stampede.

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Anime fans are living in a golden age right now. With incredible stories being told by so many talented mangakas, it’s a sight to behold. One of the most exciting parts for me, though, is anime that returned after years away. Blue Exorcist has returned after a long hiatus; there was a recent announcement about Tokyo GhoulFairy Tail is returning in a month, and my favorite return of all, Bleach, is heading into its third season after a decade-long hiatus. One such anime that hasn’t shown up, however, is Berserk, from the late Kentaro Miura. 

Berserk is a long-running manga that began in 1989. My journey with Berserk began during the COVID-19 pandemic when my friends and I watched the 1997 animated series through virtual watch parties. It was a blast. I became so enamored by the animation, the depth of the story, and the nuance of the characters. There is something about anime and animation as a whole in the ’90s that just feels on another level. It’s ineffable, but it is also an integral part of what I love about anime.

So, as I sat down and watched the second season, you can only imagine my heartbreak when that CGI sludge popped up onscreen. To this day, I can’t watch the second season, which is a shame since it’s the furthest any anime interpretation has gone with Berserk. Now, I have rectified this situation. I am currently reading through the manga, and it is scratching that itch on the back of my neck. However, I’m a man of animation first, and I need those horrific scenes animated. I need to see Guts cut down swathes of foes as Puck looks on in horror.

Berserk manga return continue completion complete Kentaro Miura Studio Gaga Kouji Mori best friend supervisor Hakusensha resume serialization completed Guts new story arc after Fantasia.

When I see all these anime return, I’m happy. I grew up watching Bleach, and to see it return with such fervor is incredible. Watching Ichigo throwdown with the Quincy is incredible. Getting to see Tite Kubo fix the mistakes of the manga and improve upon them is incredible. If I’m being honest, though, I am somewhat surprised with Fairy Tail‘s return. I found that, in the end, Fairy Tail relied too heavily on T&A. Not only that, but the animation quality fluctuated heavily, and the final arc dragged on. Nevertheless, as more and more anime began to return, I hoped to hear something about Berserk.

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The madness of this comes down to the Berserk anime never going past a certain point in the story and the animation choice not at all being my taste. Now, I think we have finally reached a point technologically, as well as respectfully, to achieve the best possible outcome for Kentaro’s work. The first step is the animation. Studio Orange, in my opinion, has showcased its stellar work with Trigun Stampede. It is a fully CGI animation that blends so many animation techniques to craft something wholly unique. If they brought this same level of quality to Berserk, we could have something spectacular. 

Also, I see the best way to remember Kentaro is to continue his work and get it back out there for the whole world to see. Of course, there is the elephant in the room. The motion manga will be coming from Studio Eclypse. This fan-made project will adapt the first arc of the manga and prove that fans are crying out for a true adaptation. Some fans even went as far as saying stick figure drawings would be better than the 2016 iteration of Berserk.

There is something about a certain era of anime that just always excites me, but it also makes me feel a little melancholic. Manga, such as Berserk and Hajime No Ippo, which are some of the best out there, don’t seem to get the proper anime treatment. Hopefully, with all these returning favorites, Guts will get his time to shine at some point.

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