Some players are experiencing trouble unlocking achievements for Hi-Fi Rush on Xbox Series X | S, but here is where and how to fix it.

Hi-Fi Rush was one of the pleasant surprises during the Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct. Not only was the new game announced, but it received a surprise drop into Game Pass and on Xbox and PC later the same day. Many Xbox fans have been excited to try the new game, but some are reporting that they are not receiving the achievements for completing milestones in Hi-Fi Rush.

Reminiscent of Jet Set Radio with even a touch of Sunset Overdrive mixed in, Hi-Fi Rush by Tango Gameworks is an action platformer where you are rewarded for timing your attacks in combat to the rhythm of the beat that Chai, our wannabe rock star hero, is powered by. It’s a significant departure for the studio behind both entries in the The Evil Within franchise, but overall reception early on has been overwhelmingly positive.

Achievements in Hi-Fi Rush Not Unlocking

However, Xbox players were reporting on Reddit that the achievements in Hi-Fi Rush were not unlocking for them when they had completed the task necessary to earn them. As a result, some achievement hunters were concerned that there was an issue with the game and that they would not be able to add to their Gamerscore until either Tango Gameworks or Microsoft corrected it. Thankfully, the problem appears to be with the notifications rather than with the achievements themselves.

Achievements for Hi-Fi Rush are unlocking as they should, and gamers are awarded the appropriate Gamerscore. The issue lies with the actual notification and tracking, which reportedly needs to be fixed for some players on the actual Xbox Series X | S consoles. When I checked on mine, the three achievements I expected to have earned were there, and I had received the score for them — so it seems to be an issue affecting only some. The Xbox app shows correct information for everyone, so if you’re curious about which Hi-Fi Rush achievements you’ve unlocked, checking there will get you accurate updates.

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