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Where Is The Continental Hotel in John Wick?

Throughout the various John Wick movies and upcoming streaming series, the Continental Hotel takes on many shapes and forms.

The Continental Hotel is a pivotal location in the world of John Wick. And though the movies do a decent enough job of answering the question of where The Continental Hotel is located – in many different cities across the world – with a new show coming, aptly titled The Continental, there’s a renewed interest in the fictional hotel’s actual location. The answer, as with many things in the John Wick world, is both incredibly straightforward and a little complicated.

First of all, The Continental Hotel doesn’t have just one branch. It is a chain of hotels located around the world that function as neutral territory for the criminal underworld, and the criminal underworld isn’t just restricted to one place. That is, of course, extremely good for business, and so far in the John Wick series audiences have gotten to see the Continental hotels in New York City, Rome, Casablanca and Osaka. That doesn’t mean these are the only existing locations, though, it just means those are the only ones we’ve been privy to so far.

What Is The Continental Hotel’s Exact Location?

John Wick -The Continental Hotel, New York

As for where exactly in those cities the Continental hotels are, the answer is also pretty simple – if not as interesting, because the exteriors and interiors are not typically filmed in the same place. For example, the real-life location of the New York Continental Hotel is 1 Wall Street Court in New York City. But that’s only on the outside. The inside scenes, particularly the lobby, were filmed at the Cunard Building, located at 25 Broadway, also in New York City.

Those two locations – and the New York branch of the Continental, are the only ones that make an appearance in every John Wick movie. The New York branch is also set to be at the center of the upcoming show The Continental: From the World of John Wick.

The International Continental Hotel Locations Are Also Known

John Wick - The Continental Hotel, Osaka

Il Continentale Hotel in Rome, which makes an appearance in the second John Wick movie, looks on the outside exactly like the Museo Centrale del Risorgimento, a museum dedicated to the Unification of Italy, with the interior filmed at the Grand Hotel Plaza, in Rome. Meanwhile, the entrance to the Casablanca Continental, which appears in the third John Wick film, was filmed at the Essaouira clock tower, with the inner courtyard filmed at the Kasbah Hotel Xaluca Arfoud.

Finally, in John Wick: Chapter 4, the Osaka Continental makes an appearance, with the outside shots filmed at the National Art Center in Tokyo, and the interior and rooftop scenes filmed at the Internationales Congress Centrum Berlin.

All in all, The Continental New York might be at the center of most stories in the world of John Wick, but there are enough branches with stories to be told around the world. And though the hotels don’t really exist, you can stand outside of the real-life filming locations and pretend. There’s always that.

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