Sons of the Forest zipline gun

Sons of the Forest gives you a range of things to play with, from a hand-crafted bow and arrow all the way through to a 3D printer. One of the coolest toys lets you set your own ziplines, zooming through the island at breakneck speeds. But just where do you find a zipline gun in Sons of the Forest? Here’s the answer.

The Zipline Gun is Hidden in a Cave But it’s Full of Mutants so You’ll Need to be Well Armed and Well Armored

Sons of the Forest’s zipline gun can be found in a cave. The cave in question is south of the mountains and south of two other caves. You can see it marked on the image below — it’s just a bit north of the green point of interest that marks the 3D printer.

Sons of the Forest zipline gun cave location

However, before you go inside (provided you’re not playing on Peaceful Mode), make sure you have at least the pistol, plenty of ammo, and ideally some armor. You’ll encounter multiple mutants inside and while some — the mutants that are mostly hands — can be eluded, there are also the Descent-style faster, pale mutants in there too. You’ll also need to smash the boards at the entrance using your axe. 

Once inside (killing any mutants you may meet along the way), stick to the left wall, walking through the water. It doesn’t matter if you walk on the slope here or not, there’s only one way out.

You’ll see a mutant blob jammed in a wall. Grab the timed explosives nearby and blow it up. One should be enough — you can keep the other for your personal use. Go through the now mutant-splattered gap and proceed down the passage. 

You’ll come to a bigger area filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Keep going past the dangling bodies and, while you’re at it, why not check out the cave paintings on the wall? Keep exploring until you find a smaller passage at the back. 

Go through and you’ll enter another area, with a lower ceiling. Keep going but push towards the right. You’ll find a passage with an upward incline and a light at the back. Keep going, past a trio of bodies next to each other, and you’ll find an even steeper passage.

Turn left when you reach a passageway on the left, surrounded by shiny mineral stones. You’ll eventually reach a tiny hole at the back, so duck to pass through it. When you reach another fork, keep right this time and keep going. 

Eventually, you’ll find the zipline gun on the left, in an open case. Take it and use the already present zipline to zoom down. Now, exit the cave and you’ve got the zipline gun 

But How Do You Use the Zipline Gun? It’s Not Difficult but You May Need to Make Your Own Ziplines

If you want to create multiple zipline routes you’ll need more ziplines. To get ziplines you need to do one of two things.

  1. Find them — they’re scattered around the island in equipment crates. 
  2. Make them — you’ll need to combine a piece of rope and a grapple hook. Grapple hooks can be made using the 3D printer. Combine the two to make a zipline. If you don’t know where a 3D printer is, check this guide

To use the gun, you need to fire it into a surface, then walk to wherever you want the zipline to finish and fire into another surface. You can then zipline back and forth by walking up to the zipline. Yes, it works both ways because the zipline gun is powered (it’ll never need recharging).

You can also remove existing ziplines by going to one end and holding down E. So far, it seems as if ziplines let you clip through smaller trees, without injury. But that could change with a later update so we’d recommend you try to get a clear zipline run.

Where Should You Put Your Ziplines? 

We’d recommend you use at least one to set up an escape route from your base. The cannibals and mutants are persistent but they can’t move faster than a zipline. If you’re feeling particularly creative, set up two bases, one at the top of a hill, one down by the beach, and zip between the two when you need to or when things get too heated. 

And on the topic of where to find a zipline gun in Sons of the Forest, that’s all you need to know. 

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