Meds in Sons of the Forest

You’ll definitely get hurt playing Sons of the Forest. Even if you’re enjoying the enemy-free Peaceful setting, you’ll end up tumbling down a hill or accidentally braining yourself with a log. If you find yourself in with your health bar is at half mast, you’ll have to patch yourself up with meds. If you need to know where to find healing meds in Sons of the Forest, here’s the answer.

You Can Find or Make Your Own Meds in Sons of the Forest 

The simplest way to find meds in Sons of the Forest is to head to somewhere with boxes and suitcases. That can be your crash site, an abandoned campsite, or somewhere else. Once you’ve found a likely location, rifle through the suitcases and other containers, and you should find some meds among the loot.

Alternatively, you can make your own. You’ll need aloe vera and yarrow. Yarrow’s easy enough to find; it’s a little white flower (though you’ll have to learn to tell it apart from chicory) and can be found growing throughout the forest. Aloe vera also grows in the forest, but this spiky green plant is harder to find. Combine the two and you’ll have a handy healing mix.

Is Growing Your Own Healing Plants Worthwhile?

Aside from harvesting aloe vera and yarrow in the forest, you can grow your own. To get the seeds, just eat either plant and there’s a reasonable chance you’ll get some. Then plant it in a planter and wait. 

But, honestly, it’s not really worth it. Containers regularly respawn, so if you keep checking any suitcases you go past, you’ll soon have more meds than you can carry. Once you’re stocked up, you’ll be able to turn your attention to other resources, like circuit boards for hi-tech weapons or traps or feathers to help create arrows. 

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