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Where to Find Pwi Dua’s Hand in Tchia

Tchia hands-on preview Awaceb open-world adventure game like Zelda Breath of the Wild and Wind Waker inspired by New Caledonia

Awaceb‘s Tchia is full of collectibles to track down on your quest to reach 100% game completion and earn the coveted Platinum trophy, but the game’s single hidden trophy asks you to do something a bit more, well, disgusting. If you want to earn the “Thing” trophy, you’ll have to track down Pwi Dua’s severed hand and spirit jump into it – but you won’t be able to make that happen until you’ve beaten the game. If you’ve completed everything else and are having trouble with where to find Pwi Dua’s hand in Tchia, though, we’ve got the location listed for you below.

This Is Where to Find Pwi Dua’s Hand in Tchia

At the end of the game, Pwi Dua’s hand will get cut off by his own machete and fall somewhere below. Once you’ve rolled the credits and wrapped up the post-credits sequences, you’ll have an opportunity to track it down for the “Thing” trophy. When you’re ready to find it, head to the island of Madra Noj and to the main city area of Aemoon.

Where to Find Pwi Duas Hand in Tchia Pwi Dua’s Hand

When you reach Aemoon, make your way to the giant helipad just below the Ga Ngazo castle (where the final showdown took place). You’ll find Pwi Dua’s hand laying in the back of a pickup truck at the base of the helipad where you can spirit jump into it to unlock the “Thing” trophy. Though it’s a bit morbid and serves no real purpose beyond shock and humor, you can slowly walk around using Pwi Dua’s hand and make it do a hang-loose emote. But stop doing that, weirdo.

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