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Where to Find The Mini Pistol in System Shock Remake


The System Shock remake lets you get your hands on a lot of weapons, but it starts you off with an underwhelming lead pipe. While that’s fine for hitting mutants, you’ll want something a little better once you’re facing enemies who can shoot you. The good news is that you can find a pistol just lying around. So, if you want to get your hands on it, here’s where to find the mini pistol in the System Shock remake. 

Where You’ll Find the KE-41 Mini Pistol in System Shock 

There are a couple of working mini pistols on the Medical Level. There are also a lot of broken ones, but since you can’t repair weapons they’re only good for recycling. The easiest mini pistol to acquire is laying next to the body of a station staff member who definitely won’t be needing it again.

I’ve marked its location, the Central Hub, on the map below. Getting the pistol is simply a matter of walking in and picking it up. The room apparently belongs to Althea Grossman, although I don’t think the body inside is necessarily her. There are no enemies in the room, but you will encounter at least one cyborg in the general area.

Location of the mini pistol in the Central Hub of the Medical Level in the System Shock remake.

So, head in, pick up the pistol, and it should automatically be added to your quick access menu at the bottom of the screen. Getting a mini pistol in the System Shock remake is as easy as that. If you find yourself in need of more help, check out our coverage and guides here

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