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Who is the Protagonist of Hades 2? Here’s Melinoe’s Backstory & Voice Actor

If you’re considering diving into Hades 2, you may be curious about the game’s protagonist. While players stepped into the role of Hades’ son Zagreus in the first game, Hades 2 stars his sister Melinoe. But who is Melinoe, and what will it be like to step into her shoes?

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Who is the Protagonist of Hades 2?

In the sequel to Hades, players become Melinoe, an immortal witch also known as the princess of the underworld. She’s the sister of Zagreus, the protagonist from the first game. However, don’t expect to see that familiar face around. Early on, you learn that Melinoe barely knows her family and is out to kill Chronos for taking them from her at a young age. Thus, Melinoe is truly the star of this show as she takes on her quest to take revenge on Chronos.

While Hades 2 is a direct sequel that picks up where events left off in Hades, players will start from the same place in terms of getting to know Melinoe. We quickly learn her personality through interactions with her friends and allies, from her adorable pet frog to an unusually vocal shade. The goddess Hecate raised her, teaching her magic and becoming a mentor and mother-like figure to the orphaned daughter of Hades.

In Hades 2, Melinoe is quite a witchy protagonist, bringing a magical flavor to gameplay. As Melinoe, players will use a Tarot card-inspired system to level up their skills and cast spells to acquire new boosts and abilities on the battlefield. Her combat style and arsenal of weapons and tools differ from her brother Zagreus, inviting gamers to explore new possibilities in the sequel.

Who is Melinoe in Mythology?

Screenshot from Hades 2, showing the protagonist speaking to a frog
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Like most characters in the Hades franchise, Melinoe is inspired by Greek mythology. The Melinoe of myth is a relatively minor figure, so she isn’t as well known as the deities that show up in the game to bless her with boons.

The Melinoe in mythology is the princess of the underworld, meaning that the character in Hades 2 is directly inspired by this story. Interestingly, the little we know about her from her appearance in the Orphic Hymns suggests that while she is definitely Persephone’s daughter, her father might have been Zeus disguised as Hades rather than Hades himself. It makes sense that the game, which takes its name from the God of the Underworld, might prefer to clean up this family tree.

Melinoe is often compared to and associated with Hecate. This goddess appears in the game as a mentor and boss players must defeat, highlighting that association.

Melinoe’s character clearly references the little known about her namesake in mythology, but players will get to know much more about this version of her throughout the game.

Who Voices Melinoe in Hades 2?

If Melinoe’s voice sounds familiar, you might be curious about the voice actor behind the character. In Hades 2, Melinoe is voiced by Judy Alice Lee.

The voice actress has a long history in video games, providing background and primary voices for games like Diablo IV, Lost Ark, Spider-Man 2, and League of Legends. So, if you think you’ve heard Melinoe’s voice before, chances are, you’re right.

Hades 2 Early Access is available now on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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