who made forspoken music soundtrack Composers Garry Schyman and Bear McCreary forspoken's music

One of the highlights of Forspoken is its superb soundtrack, which is available on its own across three CDs. But just who was responsible for creating the soundtrack in the first place? Here is the answer to who made Forspoken’s music.

Forspoken’s Music Is a Collaboration Between Composers Garry Schyman and Bear McCreary

Bear McCreary and Garry Schyman are both accomplished composers, having worked on a wealth of films, shows, and games. Schyman composed the music for, amongst other things, all three BioShock and Destroy All Humans! games. He also worked on the original A-Team. No, not the Liam Neeson one, we’re talking Mr. T.

McCreary also has a large musical portfolio and is perhaps best known for scoring the rebooted Battlestar Galactica series, as well as The Walking Dead. He furthermore composed the music for both new God of War games. As explained in this interview with Schyman, the pair were already friends, though Forspoken was the first time they worked together.

“The story and scope of the game promised to be very impressive, which it has turned out to be,” Schyman said. He continued to say, “Let’s face it, not every game score permits beautiful, emotional music, but Forspoken definitely did.”

If you want to hear more of their work, you can find McCreary’s catalog, or part of it, on Amazon. Schyman’s website also contains a selection of tracks from Forspoken.

So, if you were wondering who made Forspoken’s music, the answer is Garry Schyman and Bear McCreary.

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