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Who Plays SHODAN in the System Shock Remake?

who plays voice of SHODAN Terri Brosius System Shock remake preview: Nightdive Studios game is overshadowed by legacy of original 1994 game

After a false start or two, the System Shock remake is finally here, along with off-the-chain supercomputer SHODAN. Nearly 30 years after the original’s release, she’s once again menacing Citadel Station, murdering or modifying anyone who gets in her way. But just who plays SHODAN in the System Shock remake?

The Voice of SHODAN in the System Shock Remake

SHODAN is voiced by Terri Brosius, who played the character in the 1994 original and its 1999 sequel. She has also voiced the character in a trailer for System Shock 3, though whether that game ever gets made is another question entirely.

Aside from being a voice actress, Brosius is also a musician, writer, and a video game designer. She wrote for System Shock as well many other Looking Glass titles, designed levels for the Thief games, and more. In fact, I’ve got my fingers crossed that Nightdive Studios is working on a remake of the original Thief. Hey, I can dream.

Has Brosius Rerecorded Her Lines or Does the Remake Reuse Her Old Dialogue?

The good news is that Brosius has rerecorded her dialogue for the remake. So there’ll be nothing to diminish the messages that SHODAN sends you. I’ve really missed those arrogant little missives, her efforts to intimidate the one person who can foil her plans.

So, the answer to who plays SHODAN in the System Shock remake is original voice actor Terri Brosius.

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