Who will become the new voices of Rick and Morty characters with Justin Roiland gone? Here is what we know about Rick and Morty voice casting.

Adult Swim severed ties with Justin Roiland following the news of his domestic violence charges, but Rick and Morty will continue. The caveat is that he will no longer be the show’s showrunner alongside Dan Harmon and no longer voice the titular characters. This shake-up only leaves one question on fans’ minds: Who will be the voices of the Rick and Morty characters now that Justin Roiland is gone?

Who Is the New Voice of Rick and Morty After Justin Roiland?

At the moment, Adult Swim hasn’t selected a new voice actor or actors to play Rick and Morty. Roiland has voiced the uncle-nephew duo for the last six seasons, and the network has barely begun recasting the roles after ending its association with him.

Most animated sitcoms, like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Archer, operate under the idea that the voice actors their characters are assigned to from the beginning will remain in those roles for as long as those shows are on the air because they sound too iconic to be replaced or imitated by anyone else. (One exception is when The Simpsons hired new voice actors to voice characters of color.) Whenever a voice actor leaves their role for any reason — by choice, death (as with Jessica Walter from Archer), or termination (as might be the case with Roiland) — the character is either written off the show altogether, or another voice actor steps in for that character, which will sound jarring to the most hardcore fans of any given animated series.

With season 7 of Rick and Morty now in production, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network will have to search far and wide for anyone who has what it takes to become the new voices of the characters Justin Roiland voiced. It would likely be someone who can imitate the voices of both Rick and Morty to the point where fans may not know the difference until they see the credits roll in every episode going forward.

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